Friday, April 23, 2010

Running and advanced thinking

I've always read on your runner's blogs that running makes you feel good. As you know, most runners wrote that they feel extremely relaxed after they run. Other blog's friends said that running helps their psychic equilibrium. What I'm trying to say is that running makes you happier.
It's scientific fact that the use of exercise improves cognitive functioning in both young and old people. I've read on a runner's magazine the relationship between phisical activity and mental penformance. In other words, active people are better problem solvers and think fast.
Some professionals say that their craft depends on running. While they are running they get into a "zone that allows them to solve problems". I sometimes feel that the spatial imagination is activated by running.
A scientific analysis of the University of Ulm, in Germany, shows that brain's neurotrasmitters increase during phisical activity. That's why running would enhance our ability to solve problems.
In this perspective, if I have a learning or memory problem I will run more :)
I hope that I haven't bored you.
Have a nice running weekend.


Amy said...

So true! I know for myself that if I run I definitely feel better afterwards - and if for some reason I miss my run, I feel a lot more stressed and irritable. Exercise is a magic bullet!

Black Knight said...

Deep and interesting thoughts apart I received a request to organize the formal dinner of the Black Knight Army with wives. We have to talk soon about it. Enjoy your long run on sunday and best wishes for St. George.
What about new t-shirts?

Julie said...

Hi Giorgio,
You are right!! If I don't get my run in...I am a cranky girl:) Running does make me feel better both physically and emotionally! Running for me is like a very good drug!

Are you running this weekend? I just read Stefano's comment about St. George. I hope that you have a nice weekend Giorgio:)

Alexandra said...

I absolutely agree with everything you say! I wrote a poem about this very topic. You can check it out on my blog. Click on My Poetry on the left and click on Soul Full of Consequences in the post dated May 5, 2009. I don't know how to make a link to it in this comment section.

Meg said...

Nice post, very interesting. I love to read about the benefits of running on one's mental and emotional well-being. Thanks for this one!
Have a nice long run tomorrow!

Johann said...

Great post! Very interesting. I'll have to run lots more as I've got lots of problems to solve. I must say the days I don't run I feel I can't get going.

Anne said...

I do feel better when I run and even when I'm tired before I head out, I often feel better when I return from a run! Thanks :)