Sunday, April 11, 2010

12 kilometers "green" race

I think that I have to run the races which are held in my town. Although since the 1st of April I've got weight, this morning I decided to run the "Vivicittà" 12 kilometers race. Before we began to run the warm up I and Stefano had met some friends who wore green T-shirts. They were "green" runners because the race had been held in support of environmental protection. The atmosphere was very friendly and the weather was cloudy. I show you some photos of those "green" runners and I am near the two dogs with green T-shirts.

In the next photo you can see the two black knights before the race.

The track of the 12 kilometers race was hard and we ran four steep up hills. The time taken was 55:20 minutes.


Julie said...

Hi Giorgio,
It looks like you had a great run with some really nice and fun people:) Nice job on your 12K race! I love the pctures, especially the one of you and Stefano! You guys look like twins wearing your black running outfits:) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Black Knight said...

After the conquer of Civitavecchia the siege of Tarquinia begins. The Black Knight Army never rests.
Beautiful report, tomorrow I will post the picture of the warm-up.

Johann said...

I love the green runners and the whole green idea. That’s a great time for a difficult route. The dogs are great as well. Did they run the 12km?

Cheers to the Black Knights!

Amy said...

Great race! Loved seeing the pictures - Italian environmentalists look like a fun group of people!

Amy said...

Here is the address for the brasserie by the Eiffel Tower:

Brasserie Au Gros Caillou, 210 rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris


Meg said...

Great pictures, Giorgio. You and the BK were very taken with the green runners, I see! Very funny.
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Anne said...

Excellent job on your green runners too :)

Black Knight said...

E allora? Hai bivaccato sulle rovine di Tarquinia?