Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Running slowly

In this sunny afternoon I did a short training. Today I ran slowly about 59 minutes because I didn't feel good (I've a sore throat).
We've just begun to plan the next holiday and we have to decide the time and the place. Although we live in a town situated near the see we'll probably chose an Island.
Meanwhile I post the photos of our trip to Berlin last year.


Julie said...

Hi Giorgio,
Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures...they were fun to look at:) I hope that you feel better soon! I think you made the right choice to run a slower paced run when you are not feeling well!! I hope that you have a wonderful week:)

Black Knight said...

What about a new battle in Berlin?
The Black Knight Army must march again through those streets!
Half marathon could be good.

Julie said...

Wow, Berlin is an amazing city! I agree, the Black Knight needs to run through those streets again:) Let us all know when you make your final decision on your family vacation spot. An island sounds heavenly!

Alexandra said...

You have a lovely looking family! Even planning vacations can be fun! I wonder where you will end up going this time!