Friday, March 19, 2010

Slight improvement

This week I've run two times until now: on Monday 8 km and on Wednesday 10 km and the time taken during these training is improving slightly. Thanks to all blog's friends for their encouragement. Today I'm beginning the training at 05:30 p.m. with my friends. After the training I'll go to home quickly this evening because today is the "Festa del Papa", the Italian name for Father's Day. It's is celebrated on March 19, St. Joseph's Feast Day in Italy. This is the day when families show their gratitude to their fathers with favors and gifts.
This day starts with a delicious breakfast. Then we prepare "Zeppole", the most common pastry treat for Father's Day in Italy. I show the pastry above mentioned. I think that I'll have a lot of carbohydrates during next dinner. :)
Today for Father's Day my children and my wife have given me a nice running gift which I show in the second photo below posted.


Julie said...

Hi Giorgio,
Happy Festa del Papa!! Wow, your breakfast looks so good:) You might need to give me the recipe so that I can try to make them too!I like your new running clothes from your children!! Enjoy your day!!

Anne said...

Happy father's day Giorgio! Love the new running clothes and good job on getting those runs in before eating those delicious looking pastries :)

Alexandra said...

Such a nice gift from your family in recognition of "Festa del Papa"!

Improving slightly is a positive thing!

Amy said...

Nice gift from your family! I'm sure you had a happy father's day!

Black Knight said...

What are you doing? I see that at home you don't rule anymore as on the battlefield! The running suite must be black!
Perhaps I know the reason....I saw your mother-in-law walking around....what about an interesting post on this topic?