Sunday, March 07, 2010

In support of a social cause

Since last Monday, 2 March, I haven't run because of a sore throat. I think I have to change my running time. Last Monday I ran from 02:00 to 03:00 p.m. and before I got out to take my daughters to the tennis club I had had a shower. Maybe I got out while the body's defences were decreasing. Every day In the afternoon there is something to do such as shopping, working, socializing and so on. Of consequence, I'll try to run in the early evening so I haven't got out after the training while the weather is rainy and cold.

Next Sunday, the 14th of March 2010, the first edition of the Race for Haiti starts in Rome at 10:00 a.m.. The overall earning of the race will be given to the people of Haiti. It'a a race in support of that territory which was recently destroyed by the earthquake.
My photo above posted shows the hills near the town where I live.


Alexandra said...

That is a great cause to run for! Sorry you have not been able to run due to a sore throat. I missed this morning's 16km training run due to a flu bug!

Black Knight said...

Sorry but as you know I will be in Paris for the rugby match France-Italy.
Update: yesterday I ran 16.9 km at 05'36" pace. From/to my house with part of Giro D'Emilio (from Villaggio del Fanciullo to Parco Majorca) and SS Aurelia. I think to be ready now for some workout together. Thinking also about Tarquinia and Vivicittà. Let me know.

Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog - and good job running for Haiti - it makes running so much more meaningful if you are running for a good cause. I'll be doing the 20KM of Brussels in May for a school in Kenya.

Great pictures too! Berlin is one of my favorite cities to visit!

Anne said...

I hope you're feeling better Giorgio...try and rest up and I hope it helps to run later.

Julie said...

Hi Giorgio,
I am sorry that you are not feeling the best:( Hopefully you will be better soon. I wish that I could get up early in the morning to run...maybe once summer comes I will feel motivated to do early morning runs:) That is a beautiful picture, thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend!!