Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ladispoli's 10 km race

A thousand of runners enjoyed this morning the Ladispoli's 10 km race in support of Ucraina's children of Chernobyl. In a nice and sunny Sunday we ran this beautiful race through the natural reserve of Palo Laziale ( ) where the track wasn't hard. Before we crossed the finish line we had run the last 2 km next to the see. Unfortunately Stefano didn't run because he was hill but I tryed to defend the Black Knight team: time taken 44 min. 52 sec., but there weren't up hills and down hills. :)

As request by Alexandra I posted some photos below. In the third photo you can see the soft path of the natural reserve above mentioned, which is an environment with the last surviving patches of tyrrhenian plains forest. There are numerous nesting and migratory birds too.
That is why I like running.


Alexandra said...

Thank you for sharing photos with us! I would enjoy running with scenery like the last photo by the water. Good job on your race! You are a speedy fellow and did well defending Team Black Knight!

Black Knight said...

Congrats on the new great victory. The place is very beautiful and ... glory to Sir Giorgio!!!!
Did the enemy surrender soon?

Julie said...

Greetings Giorgio,
I think that you are now my new best are from Italy!!! Oh my goodness, I have wanted to travel to your country for as long as I can remember:) My husband and I almost took a trip back in 2002 but I was accepted into a college program and my classes interupted our travel plans:( We will be traveling to Italy sometime next year..for our twenty year anniversary!!! Maybe I could ask you some questions when our trip gets closer and get your opinion on things:)

Thank you so much for visiting my blog:) You have no idea how excited I am to have a Italian visitor reading my blog!!

Great pictures...they are beautiful! Good job on your 10k race, you had a very impressive time:) I look forward to read more of your running in Italy and can't wait for more pictures! Thanks so much for sharing:)

Black Knight said...

Intanto ti sono ancora debitore della quota di iscrizione per la gara di Ladispoli. Dopo influenza e Stoccolma (a -16 con il sole e - 20 ad ora di cena) ho ripreso ad allenarmi e, nonostante quel vento, ieri ho terminato il Giro d'Emilio a 5'50". Purtroppo i programmi di viaggio (Parigi 12-16 marzo e Cina 28/3 - 4/4) non mi consentiranno di allenarmi in modo da potermi iscrivere a qualche competizione. Ormai, dopo il Vivicittà, saranno finiti gli eventi "popolari" ed inizieranno le gare di paese dove se non vai intorno ai 4'30" finisci ultimo. Conclusione in slang: "me sa che me la so presa n'artra vorta nder c.....". A presto.

Jill said...

Got your comment on my blog...I replyed. I do NOT hate misread...I dream of visiting Italy someday.

I don't like snakes.