Saturday, February 06, 2010

An old small town

As you know, I like sharing photos of where I run. In a cloudy morning I went to an old small town (42 kilometres North from the town where I live). But I wasn't there for my training. Unfortunately I was there because I had a particular task at work and I didn't run around this beautiful place which is surronded by medieval walls. Every year in May there is a 10 km around this town and the two black knights will likely run there. Although I'm running three times a week and the speed is slowly coming back I will not run the race with Stefano the 21th of February 2009.
In the photo above posted you can see a particular old fountain where I drank fresh water. The two images below show a side of this small town and a view of the houses which were made with tuff stones.


Alexandra said...

What pretty photos! It looks like it would be an interesting place to run!

Anne said...

Ciao! Sono bellissime queste foto! Very cool to see that someone from Italy visited my blog :) ...I actually speak a "little bit" of Italian. Ho vissuto nella Svizzera Italiana per quatro anni...alora ho imparato un po di Italiano "poccissimo"! Cool :)