Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Cabbage and Vitamin C

I've spent the weekend with my mother who lives in Naples, 220 km South from Rome. First of all, I noticed thet her recovery from femur surgery is going well enough. She sometimes walks very slowly along the sidewalk surronding her house. I was very happy to see that. 
Secondly, I put on my running shoes and ran 50 minutes  through Naples' streets,  next to old fruit and veggies markets and along the old side of the town. The picture below on the right shows one of these old markets located along the street.

I saw a lot of cabbage which is a very good food for runners considering that it contains the highest amount of vitamin C. On the other hand,  if cabbage were to be boiled it would lose about 50 per cent of its Vitamin C. With regards to veggies, I've just left a comment about this topic on Fran 's blog as she shows her weekly beebox containing  savoy cabbage, red cabbage and cavolo nero.

On the way back I had a pizza in Rome while I was waiting the train to Civitavecchia.
Next Sunday, February 9th, Stefano and I will go to Rome once again as a 5 km race starts at 09:30 am.
I have read that most blogger friends are compelled to run on the treadmill because of the weather conditions. The weather is rainy also here in Central Italy, as  you can see in the following picture which I took in Rome two day ago.
Happy running/walking!


Char said...

Stefano and you have been racing together for such a long time. Running friends really stand the tet of time.

Fran said...

Winter here in Holland is very mild this year. We are getting some rainy days now but it's never been really cold and no snow. I don't mind, I don't like snow.

The fun about the Beebox is that it's seasonal and all is grown here. That means there is a lot of cabbage in my box at the moment because in Winter choices for veggies are limited. I can still buy everything I want in the supermarket but that's imported. Although I'm getting bored by all the cabbage and pumpkin now, it is good for the environment and for the Dutch farmers that I buy this. Not to mention the taste is great.

Amy said...

Glad your mother is doing well!

Great pictures! You are right on the cabbage - it is a great source of Vit. C, especially raw. I love it finely shredded and massaged with sea salt and some apple cider vinegar. Yum!

Giorgio said...

To Amy: I also love eating cabbage finely sliced with olive oil.

Johann said...

We make salad with cabbage and carrots very often. I love it! Awesome pics! I love trains as you might know. I'm happy to hear your mother is doing well.

ajh said...

I love all the colorful pictures of the veggies. That train is very sleek looking. Glad your mom is doing well.

Black Knight said...

Come al solito non faremo prigionieri. Ho problemi al ginocchio ma andiamo lo stesso!