Saturday, February 22, 2014

Still in Rome on a sunny Saturday

Since last week I have been making a small investment of time in running repeats. And I hope it will pay off next month when I will be running a 10 km race. I have been enjoying both the workouts and the sunny weather which is unusual in February here in Italy.
Although Saturday is usually my day off, this morning I went to Rome for job. I saw thousands of people from Scotland who were gathering the oldest  Rome's streets. They were going to watch the match Italy vs Scotland game of 6 nations rugby. It was a precious  victory for Scotland over Italy in Rome. 21-20 that's the score.
Scottish rugby supporters were friendly and wore their typical clothes, the kilt, as you can see in following pictures.
They asked me some information about the location of the stadium. And while I was talking about the underground I didn't remember the difference between the words subway and tube. 
They were very kind and said that  tube is British English and subway is American English. Of course the meaning is the same.
How do you translate the word underground in your language ? I'm curious!

In addition to the underground, we can still travel through Rome by an old public transport, trams (or streetcars), which you can see in the picture on the right. It is really useful and looks great on the cobblestones through some Rome's narrow old streets. When I go to Rome I sometimes use the transit system, struggling to cope with severe traffic congestion.    
Next week, on Wednesday, I shall go to Naples and visit my mother and relatives. I shall travel by high speed train which takes one hour from Rome to Naples
The picture shows the Frecciarossa (red arrow). They are  high speed trains in Italy which get us from Milan to Rome in under 3 hours. At the moment Frecciarossa are among the most luxurious trains we can find anywhere in the world. I'd like to show this picture because our blogger friends, Johann, always loves watching pictures of trains and railway (or railroad). The picture below shows the exit of the main Rome's railway station.

Nice weekend to all my blogger friends! 


Char said...

Brisbane used to have trams like yours many years ago but somewhere along the way it was decided that they were outmoded forms of transport. Melbourne still has their old tram system and it's widely used and a bit of a tourist attraction. It makes me wonder why the trams were removed in Brisbane.

ajh said...

It's called many things here sometimes depending on the city. Subway. Metro. The T.

Love sunny days!

Giorgio said...

To Char: thanks for your interesting infomation. I didn't know that electric trams system was removed in Brisbane ... and people don't understand why! Your comment reminds me that in the 1920s Los Angeles had a good public transpotation system which was dismantled (it was privately-owned). Nowadays, people who land at Los Angeles' airport can't take a train because the airport doesn't have one.
Some people blame the decline of Los Angeles' network of electric streetcars in part on the car maker companies. Maybe it was an attempt to make Americans dependent on cars, conisdering that streetcars and electric train systems were dismantled in 45 American cities!

Giorgio said...
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Fran said...

We still have trams in the cities but also subways, that's how I call it when I use the word in English, most people do here.

Isn't the weather great? 14C today here, that's Spring weather.

Johann said...

Now how did I miss all this wonderful train info and pictures! I love trains and trams. Johannesburg also had trams but it was about 50 years ago. In my language, Afrikaans, underground is ondergronds. People here use the word subway most of the time. I think it is because they hear it more than tube on the TV and in movies :)

HalfCrazed Runner said...

It's the subway in NYC!