Sunday, March 09, 2014

2014 Montalto's 11 km race

It was the first time I had ever run a 11 Km race. I have heard about 10, 12 and 15 Km races but not of 11 Km. Anyway, this morning I ran my third race of the year on a sunny Winter Sunday. The main part of the track was along the sea and through a particular oaks forest. I also ran about three kilometers up-hill through a strong cold wind that originates from North. On the contrary, while I was running down-hill the wind was behind me.
The time taken was 48 minutes and 31 seconds. I've learnt that the small investment of time I have been making in repeats workouts, tempo run and up-hill training has paid off today: I am really delighted with my average pace of  04:21 min./km. Good weather conditions and beautiful environs: perfect for running a race. I still feel relaxed completely.
Nice week to everyone!


Char said...

Wow - good pace, Giorgio. I have trouble maintaining that pace over just one kilometre let alone 11 in a row.

ajh said...

Great job! And a new distance race is an automatic PR.

Fran said...

Congrats! Great race and great pace. Your hard work definitely paid off.

I never heard of an 11K race either but like Andrea says: it's automatically a new PR.

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