Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day of remembrance

February 10th is the day of remembrance here in Italy (but it isn't Public holiday). It reminds us the mass killings perpetrated by Yugoslav partisans and directed against native Italians during late world war II. That ethnic cleansing of Italians has something to do with running as last Sunday a 5 km race remembered the more than 10,000 Italians put into the foibe (See: http://shelf3d.com/i/Foibe%20massacres ).
The race was held in Rome and I ran most of that 5 km race through the rain. After I had run that "wet" race I noticed that my previous workouts in the rain had paid off: I haven't got a cold. On the other hand, I ran with beanie hat and scarf as you can see in the picture which I found through the web. It was taken while I was running the race and shows clearly my happiness. The picture reminds me that running stimulates endorphin production which improves mood and makes us feel good.
As usual, Stefano and I enjoyed the race although the track was tough and hilly. The organization wasn't good enough and volunteers weren't helpful. After the race I got a medal, a T-shirt and a very small loot as you can see in  the picture (pasta and Gatorade).


I crossed the finish line after 23 minutes and 11 seconds (4:38 min./km) and noticed that since last month my average pace has been increasing slightly (compared with my previous 5 km race which I ran in January at 5:00 min./km pace). 
The last picture below shows runners who didn't wear beanie hat and scarf while they were running the race ... How could they wear summer clothes while they are running in February? Didn't they get a cold? In Winter, the problem  is before the race on the starting line, when runners are waiting for the signal to begin the race ... on a rainy Sunday.  That's why I wore beanie hat and scarf  :)

Have nice runs!


Char said...

Congratulations on a fast 5k - 23:11 is a great time.

I usually wear singlets to race in even through winter. But our winters are much milder than yours.

ajh said...

Nice that your pace is increasing.
I tend to overdress in the winter. It is hard to wait before the race begins.

Amy Crawshaw said...

I also overdress - I hate to be cold! Love the happy picture of you - really looks like you were enjoying yourself (maybe because you were nice and warm?)

Johann said...

Great run Giorgio! That is fast in my book. I always run well in the rain, but our rain is usually warm. We don't get anything for 5k runs. Only 10km and up.

Fran said...

You're fast Giorgio, congrats on a great race!

I see that too sometimes that people run in their Summer running clothes during winter but usually do wear gloves then. Brrrr too cold for me, I'll stick to my hat and long tights in Winter.

Black Knight said...

Belle foto.
Sei stato un vero Cavaliere Nero, con un tono che non ammetteva repliche ti sei giustamente appropriato di ulteriore bottino di guerra! Stavo anche io pensando di saccheggiare Montalto considerato che la massa si riverserà sulla Mezza. E' da un po' di tempo che non rammentiamo le buone maniere a quei sudditi.

HalfCrazed Runner said...

Congratulations! I don't like it when I overdress in a race. Love the medal!