Monday, January 20, 2014

Benefits of running

Weather is still wet but I don't  necessarily need to hang up my running shoes. Today I ran 50 minutes along the wide pedestrian area located between the town and the sea. Running in the rain can make for a pleasant change of pace or prepare us for a inevitable race-day downpur. In fact, while I was running my last race on Sunday 5th, I was compelled to run through the water (the  picture below shows the flooded running track). I got this picture thanks to Stefano who had found it through the web. I can see my happy expression through that picture which reminds me that I felt really great and relaxed after I had run that short race. Along the running track I felt the wonderful smell of the pine tree forest after the rain. That's why I am inspired to write down a few thoughts about benefits of running. 

I got envolved with our blogging community four year ago as it is an easy way to converse with like-minded runners around the world. That's the main reason why I love sharing opinions and experiences through blogposts and comments. Actually, since 2010 I have been learning something about running thanks to bloggers' posts and I can say that most of us, running friends, know the euphoric feeling one sometimes gets after running. It is a great way to get into shape but not all of the benefits of running are physical: exercise stimulates endorphin production, and it is known that endorphins improve mood and makes us feel good. In this perspective, running can provide a noticeable boost to our confidence and eliminate depression and stress, which can cause a number of health and mood problems.
In addition to this, runners generally like to run on sunny mornings as our body makes vitamin D when our skin is exposed to adequate amounts of sunlight. We probably need from 5 to 30 minutes of exposure to the skin on our face, arms, back or legs two times every week. Running also gives us the opportunity to get enough sun exposure from November through February (of course I am talking about the northern hemisphere). Moreover, while we are running and getting vitamin D through sun exposure we can also enjoy sceneries and landscapes. Shall I continue? 
Most experts in the medical field say that the list of running health benefits along with many other aerobic exercises is simply incredible, although at the moment there are even more benefits of running that haven’t been discovered. There is no doubt that running is a great way to increase our overall level of wellness. 
Have you discovered other benefits of running?
I took this picture today while I was running. It shows the pedestrian area above mentioned
Happy runs!


Char said...

There are just so many benefits to running. For me it's being able to eat more without putting on weight. And meeting wonderful people - both in real life and virtually. Getting to travel to race - I'd never get a holiday without running. And just feeling a lot younger than 50.

ajh said...

I can't get past the hair of that guy in front of you in the picture.

I love running/biking/swimming as I feel it is keeping me younger than my years. I love racing. I don't know what I'd do with my time if I didn't run.

Johann said...

As you say we can all relate to the post and all the wonderful benefits of running. I go so far as to say running completes me. My whole being is just so much better with running. I also never get headaches or battle to sleep. In general just so much more healthy than non-runners.

HalfCrazed Runner said...

Running helps keep me sane! I'd be full-crazed without it! :D

Black Knight said...

Looking at the picture, I think you have discovered other benefits.....

Fran said...

Great post.

One of the benefits of running (and other workouts) is that it gives me more energy. Maybe not at first when you do it regularly you will get tired when you do nothing instead of getting tired from a run.