Monday, January 02, 2012

New Year's Day

I didn't run since December 21st to December 27th because, firstly, I had had a temperature as I mentioned in my previous post, and, secondly, the weather was rainy and cold enough. On december, 26th, beautiful live nativity scenes started in the historical centre of the town of Tarquinia (20 km North from my town). It was really interesting and the event was well organized. You can see some scenes in the first two photos here posted.

On December 31st I did 15 km relaxing run and this afternoon I didn't follow my running group because I finished working late.
Anyway, I hope all you blogger friends had a pleasant New Year's Eve celebration.

We enjoyed the dinner to celebrate New Year's Eve which we had with friends and other families. The photo above shows my friends with their children who enjoyed New Year's Eve fireworks in the streets:  I'm sure that similar scenes took place from New York to Hong Kong.
Lentils and pigs' trotters are traditionally eaten in Italy on New Year's Day as a symbol of good luck, because many cultures believe that round objects symbolise money.
May all my blogger friends have an Happy New Year!


ajh said...

I am guessing pigs trotters are pigs' feet?

We had a quiet NYE but am happy to welcome the new year with joy.

Thomas Bussiere said...

Happy New Years Giorgio. Starting 2012 with friends and family is perfect.

Caroline said...

Happy New year!
We started the year with friends also and lots of little kids running around!!!

Ewa said...

Happy New Year, Giorgio.
I am glad you are running again.
Lentils and trotters, interesting combination.
Not many people here eat pig's feet. In Poland they are cooked till the broth thickens and becomes gelatinous. After it chills and sets, it is served sprinkled with vinegar. I like it.

Char said...

It's nice how there are some traditions that just continue year after year. I like the idea of a live nativity scene. Not so sure about the pigs trotters though. I wouldn't have thought there'd be much meat on them.

Black Knight said...

Happy New 2012 full of PB, starting by ... the 15 km of Ostia.
See you tomorrow for the workout.

Amy said...

Happy New Year, Giorgio, I wish you lots of good running in 2012! Sounds like you had a great celebration - you know I love lentils!

Fran said...

Happy New Year Giorgio.

Looks like you and your friends had a great New Year's eve celebration.