Monday, January 16, 2012

Asics Cumulus

Retail prices sometimes decrease after holiday season and  running clothes and shoes may be less expensive. That's why I planned to buy new running shoes in January. So, last week, on Wednesday, 11st, I went to Rome for job and in the afternoon, I visited the running shop "LBM Sport" which is located in the centre of the town (its  official website is ). Running shoes' prices are really interesting there!

After I had tryed Brooks and New Balance I bought a pair of Asics Cumulus 13. Although I couldn't choose the colour I was delighted with those green shoes which you can see in the photo :)
This morning I ran the Ostia's 15 km race with my new green running shoes. Of course,  I  tryed them on Friday, 13rd, when I did 10 km relaxing run with the group. The weather was perfect for running and the organization was excellent. I ran along a beautiful running track and through Mediterranean woodlands of Castel Fusano and after 1 hour and 8 minutes I crossed the finish line. 
From the 6th to the 9th km the running path was soft: wonderful! I got a blue running T-shirt and after the race I had a cup of tea and an apple, but there were a lot of things such as bread with jam or honey, cakes, muffins, sandwiches, ect.
In the photos you can see me, Stefano and other running friends.

On January, 14th, an Italian cruise ship hit a sandbar and now it  lies partially submerged next to Giglio island (50 miles North-West from Civitavecchia). Its captain had made errors of judgement and the route followed by the ship was not the right one. Authorities have said that at least six people died.

Most of the passengers are Italian, with some German, Japanese and French nationals!


Ewa said...

I've been following the news of the ship accident and I am just glad it was not even a bigger tragedy.

Those shoes are wild. I am noticing more and more runners wearing very bright color shoes.

Glad you guys had a good time at the race and that the weather cooperated.

ajh said...

The ship accident is tragic!

Love love love those green shoes! Jealous!

Glad you had fun with your friends at the race.

Char said...

Those shoes of yours are my favourite colour combination. I've been trying to talk my coach into having a green stripe on our squad singlet for years - but there's no point in showing him how good it looks. He's colour-blind.

The news of the ship has reached Australia. It's a dreadful thing that's happened. And it's another reason why you'll never catch me choosing to go on a cruise holiday.

Amy said...

Love your green shoes - I've run in Asics (Gel Nimbus) for years and I love them.

The ship accident has been on our news every day - sounds like it was awful, and that there are still some people they haven't found yet. Apparently there were 8 Belgian passengers and 1 Belgian crew member but they all got out.

Breandán said...

Great shoes Giorgio - and great idea to buy in January!

Black Knight said...

Terrible what happened. On my blog I have just put a photo with the coward captain.
Beautiful shoes, as you can see in your photo I am also wearing Asics Cumulus 13.
And now we are ready for the 3 Comuni.

Mark said...

I've used the Nimbus a lot and have often thought about trying the Cumulus. I'm glad you like them.

The ship accident was very tragic, happening only days after our family cruise where I had assured the kids that these ships never sink.

Fran said...

Love your new shoes Giorgio.

I can't believe what that captain has done. I understand he's the most hated man in Italy at the moment. It's such a tragic accident.

Johann said...

Nice run with nice new shoes! I enjoy 15km races.