Sunday, January 08, 2012

Chocolate shoes

On January, 6th, I was delighted with the tempo run: I ran 10 km at 4.48 min./km, time taken 48:09 mins. I hope it might be the beginning of the improvement (I didn't run during the last week of 2011 and had a temperature). Today I did a pleasant 18 km long run at an average pace of 5:37 min./km. It might be useful for my next 15 km race which I'm running on January, 15th.
The photo above was taken during the last edition of the Montalto's 10 km race.
Chocolate shoes

Since January, 5th,  companies who produce chocolate have gathered the pedestrian area of the town. Along the streets we've seen sellers of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and ... "chocolate shoes" (as you can see in the photo).  Yesterday my wife and I had a good chocolate drink there. In the photo below you can see the chocolate manufacturers along the street. They will be there until January, 8th.   

Chocolate sellers along the street
As request by Stefano  with his post of December, 30th, I show here the T-shirt which I got last Summer, on August, 6th, after I had run the Pisterzo's race. Pisterzo is the name of a small village situated on a hill 80 km South from Rome.
You can read on the T-shirt "the seven soups Pisterzo 2011" (the Italian word "minestre" means soups) because after we had run the organization offered us seven different soups: lentils, chicory, onion soupe, pumkin, etc. I would have never thought that runners could eat soups after a race instead of bananas, tea, orange juyce, cakes and healthy drinks! The track of the Pisterzo's race was very very tough: 7.5 km entirely up-hill and I ran it at 6 min./km although I hadn't followed a specific training. After I had crossed the finish line I didn't have any tea or fruits ... I had seven soups :) That's why Stefano gave me the title of Duke of Pisterzo :)

View of the small village of Pisterzo
Have nice runs!


ajh said...

Oh that village is in such a beautiful spot. What a wonderful place to race!

I often can't eat something hot after a race but those soups sound tempting.

And all that chocolate. Oh my!

Good pace!

Ewa said...

I am so glad to hear you are running strong again and feeling better.
I am also glad I was not there for the chocolate festival. I don't think I would be able to stop myself. I love chocolate, especially dark one. Yum!

Char said...

The chocolate shoes are very stylish and I'm guessing, delicious.

It's a great idea to have soup on offer after a race in winter.

Amy said...

MMMM...chocolate and soup, two of my favorite things!

Glad your last race went so well - you certainly are running a speedy pace! Sounds like some good running for you in 2012!

strewth said...

Wish I lived there - those chocolate shoes are amazing - wow! Maybe all that chocolate is the secret to your good running pace:)

Fran said...

Chocolate and shoes, shoes of chocolate I can eat? I would be in heaven if I've been there :)

Good to hear you're back at running Giorgio.

Black Knight said...

Lo scudiero precede la S.V. solo perchè gli è stato ordinato di andare in avanscoperta onde ordinare ai gaglioffi di farsi da parte per permettere il passaggio del suo Signore con gli onori dovuti al rango di Duca di Pisterzo.

martin briars said...

chocolate shoes sound great, but not practical :)
happy new year Girogio
may 2012 bring you many happy kilometres :)

Breandán said...

Great post Giorgio and thanks a million for joining my new blog!

Mark said...

I would definitely want to have all 7 soups after doing that tough uphill race.
I think it is fun when a race has non traditional race foods to try. A local Spanish restaurant (The Columbia) here in Florida provides post run treats like salad, paella, black beans, and yellow rice.
Another race I went to served soup (minestrone) but it was cold by the time I got it.