Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Used running shoes

On Monday, August, 29th, I wrote a post about throwing away old running shoes. Do runners argue that used running shoes are waste? Of course they don't! My small survey, which I made through my running blog, showed that environmental awareness is developed enough among runners.
Most runners use old running shoes for lots of stuff and don't  throw  away them as waste.  For example, Amy  from Leuven (Belgium)  uses old pair of running shoes for hiking and  Emmy Ann Horstkamp from Munich (Germany) usually donates her used running shoes to the recycle center.
Recycling old athletic shoes decreases the need for virgin rubber and other materials, decreasing the environmental impact of using new materials when building courts, tracks, fields and playgrounds.
Thanks to my blogger friends who gave their answers about this matter!


Ewa said...

I am glad you brought up that subject.
I am also glad to see many people trying barefoot running. Talk about reducing waste this way.

Giorgio said...

I agree with trying barefoot running, although here in Italy it isn't developed enough.
Thanks again for leaving a comment about recycling of used running shoes!

Johann said...

Great subject! Here in South Africa there are many places where we can donate old shoes to the poor. I think most old running shoes end up there.

Black Knight said...

As you know our shoes look "new" at the end of their running life (600/900 km). I always give my used shoes to some friends who use them for work.
.....anche se preferirei usarle per darle in faccia a qualche deficiente!!!!! Sto in forma oggi.....

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