Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer is coming to an end

On Friday, 26th, I did a relaxing 18 km long run with Stefano who is following a marathon schedule. He is running the Florence marathon on November and have planned a long run every week. We are running the next long run on September, 2nd.
Last Saturday and Sunday  I went swimming and surfing although Summer is coming to an end. In the photo you can see my daughters and I on the beach. I swam one hour while my daughters were surfing and they enjoyed it although the waves weren't big enough. That beach is situated in the Southern side of  the town, five km from my house.

As you can see in the first photo above, that's a particular beach with small stones on the ground. We couldn't walk barefoot on that beach, so I wore old running shoes and my feet were pain free. Used  running shoes aren't waste! Some people  wear used running shoes while they are working in their garden or countryside. Otherwise,  we could find recycling and donation alternatives for  our used running shoes:
Do you consider your used running shoes as waste?
In the two photos above  you can see my daughters, Laura and Simona.
Nice week to all my blogger friends!


Ewa said...

Giorgio, I really do not want to hear that the summer is over. I want it to last a couple more months longer. :)
Your daughters are beautiful!
My running shoes serve all kinds of functions till they fall into pieces. I had some pairs I donated because they hurt my feet, but the ones that fit me well serve me for years.
Envy you for nice beaches. OK, we have nice beaches too but there is a very cold current along CA shore so swimming is out. :(

Amy said...

You have two lovely daughters!
I tend to keep one old pair of running shoes and I use them for hiking, walking into town, and other outdoor activities. I have two pairs that I use for running right now and I rotate them. When I replace one of them, I will get rid of the current old ones. I don't like to keep too many pairs of shoes, so we donate them to charity.

Fran said...

Great photos.

We haven't had much Summer here and it looks now that it's definitely over. It's chilly in the morning and the evening and it's getting dark earlier and earlier.

You're a good friend for joining Stefano on his long runs.

Fran said...

Oh and I didn't throw away my old running shoes (just 1 pair yet). Maybe one day I can use them for something else.

Char said...

You look like you've been having perfect beach weather by the tans on your girls.

Anne said...

Your daughters are beautiful! I don't really want to let go of summer :)
I use old running shoes for lots of stuff.

Emmy Ann Horstkamp said...

What a wonderful way to spend the weekend! You are very lucky to live so close to the water. I usually donate my running shoes to the recycle center and I am keeping my latest pair as my morning dog walking shoes (I think) For surfing, I have a cool pair of surf shoes I bought while living in Singapore. They are freaking ugly but they keep my feet safe. (running shoes would be prettier)

Black Knight said...

Belle foto del Marangone! Sembra Miami Beach con quelle onde.
Grazie per la citazione e ci si vede venerdì per il lungo e domenica per la gara.