Sunday, November 28, 2010

Running socks

We (my wife and I) are trying to wear this kind of shoes. I'm sure that my blogger friends who live overseas know this kind of shoes which  are designed for many purposes, such as walking, working, shopping. Moreover,  they might help our muscles. They are designed to strengthen the back, improve posture and reduce stress on knee and ankle joints. The frst time we could wear them 1 hour, the day after two hours and so on.

I'd like to show you these running socks which wick sweat away from our body and keep you cool, dry and confortable. That kind of running clothes aren't imported from China, Thailand and Indonesia :) They are entirely made in Italy! You can see these "Italian" running socks in the second photo (on the right).

Of course, running socks such as Nike and Asics are good too.
A lot of running socks which are made in China hit the shelves in U.S. and Western Europe. You can be sure that there is a big difference in quality and they are as expensive as American and European running socks.
Nice week to all blogger friends!


ajh said...

Like the socks!

Julie said...

Hi Giorgio,
Hmm, Italian running socks....I must try them:)

Good luck with the shoes! They are black, you need to talk Stefano into wearing those too:)

Take care Giorgio!

Char said...

You'll have to let us know if those shoes do what they're supposed to do. I've been curious about them for a while.

Fran said...

Not only overseas, the shoes can be bought in Holland too. I've been thinking about them but for now find them too expensive.

I always buy running socks at a store that isn't too expensive and the socks are really good. I never have sweaty feet after wearing them, for me they are perfect for a reasonable price.

Happy running Giorgio.

Cindy said...

These shoes really do what they say. I worked for a shoe store that sold them so have several pairs. They help tone up the legs and relieve pressure from the knees and back. I know some people that have run in them but don't think I would do that. Hope you and your wife like them.

Black Knight said...

Ok, you can wear black shoes because you are the co-founder of the Black Knight Army.
I like the socks and I agree about the "made in....".
L'8/12 è vicino e ad Orbetello già tremano!

Johann said...

Those shoes sounds(and look) interesting. I hope it works for you. I like the socks. South Africa is a big market for all the China goods, but luckily we get the other quality goods here as well.

Christina said...

The shoes look like Shape Ups. Supposed to give you a tone butt. Don't know about helping with posture though.

I love running socks and just bought myself another pair. I doubt they were made in Italy or the US (probably China)

chris mcpeake said...

got to try those socks out for sure

Jhonne said...

Nice socks and I liked it. I just wanna try to use it since I usually used my smartwool socks that provide the utmost comfort and support for runners

Julie said...

:) Thank you Giorgio!!