Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Mental imagery

Two weeks ago I wrote something about those shoes which are designed to strengthen the back and improve posture.
Char from Brisbane (Australia)  wrote that she has been curious about them. She'd like to know if those shoes do what they're supposed to do. So I decided to write Cindy's  comment: "These shoes really do what they say. I worked for a shoe store that sold them so have several pairs. They help tone up the legs and relieve pressure from the knees and back. I know some people that have run in them but don't think I would do that.

Anyway, since the 18th of November we've worn those shoes for walking, shopping and working. It's OK ... until now  :)

The 30th of November Ewa wrote a post about motivation and it ispired me this small post. I am thinking mental imagery. Can it help our race result? When I'm hurting or tired I often run thinking I can't do it or I'll never finish. I'd need to make an internal perspective. It can be positive, for example, to be a little excited before a race rather than feeling dread.  In the photo you can see the happiness of a runner who was running the Grosseto's 12 km in October. Somebody suggests to inhale strenght and confidence through our nose and exhale nervousness and tension through our month.

Today we've made our Christmas tree and  next Sunday we are making the nativity scene.

Nice running to all my blogger friends.


ajh said...

It looks like you are getting into the holiday spirit. I hope to get our tree soon.

Char said...

It's looking quite festive at your house.

Black Knight said...

Christmas time has come. Everything now it is more beautiful: the atmosphere, the daily life, the streets, the shops and ... why not... the runs!
What about the half Roma-Ostia? Please let me know, I think I can do it because the test of this morning was positive.
E sbrigate a fa er presepe!!!!!

Ewa said...

Giorgio, I think mental imagery can help with many things but one needs to practice it. I like the idea of inhaling strength.
Happy holiday season to you.

Johann said...

Mental imagery works for me. I think you need to believe in yourself and be confident for it to work.

The festive season is here and it is good! Enjoy these great times!

Breandán said...

mental imagery is great - but can be difficult to get up for things sometimes. I agree with the fact that it has to be practised. Nice tree by the way!

Julie said...

Hi Giorgio,
What a lovely Christmas tree! We are putting our's up tonight and my little guy is getting so excited for the Christmas holiday:)

I sent you a Christmas card yesterday...keep an eye out for it:)

Have a wonderful week Giorgio!

Alexandra said...

Such a pretty cheerful Christmas tree! I have mine up too!

I think mental imagery can help! When I was doing my marathon training, I practiced it mostly when getting near the end of my long training runs. Also, during quiet times, I closed my eyes and envisioned what I wanted my race to look like especially near the end when I knew it would get tough. I imagined myself being strong and finishing strong!

Christina said...

I like that...strength in...stress out. Excellent.

I haven't done any decorating. Not sure if I will. I'm lazy like that.

kizzy said...

nice your Christmas tree..
--I prefer running without shoes. My toes didn't get cold. Besides, if I'm in front from the start, no one can step on them. ~Michelle Dekkers - saucony running shoes

Sherri said...

I am a big believer in mental imagery...maybe I should start!
Merry Christmas!