Monday, November 01, 2010

Märklin model railways

Last week I was busy again between family and job, so I couldn't increase my training. Morever, I'm sure I got weight while I was working in Southern Italy, at least 1.5 kg. Although the weather wasn't perferct this afternoon I did 50 minutes relaxed run in the rain.

Now the weather is rainy again and I stay at home. So I've decided to clean our model railways. Five years ago my son and I played with this German technical toys and in the photos posted you can see our Märklin model railways. In some parts of Germany,  Märklin is almost synonymous with model railroads. In 2009 the famous German company celebrated its 150th anniversary.              

The Märklin system is the technique of using a third rail concealed in the roadbed with only small studs  protruding through the ties of the track.  The 2nd photo shows these studs (click to enlarge). I'd like to make a small village along the railways, with tipical German buildings. If I'll make it I show the photos on this blog.
This week the weather will be rainy again and I'm afraid I can't run. But we aren't running races this month.
I hope that all you blogger friends will have a nice and happy running!


Julie said...

Hi Giorgio,
What an awesome collection of trains and model railways! I love that you and your son spent time together when enjoying one of your favorite past times and hobbies:)

I have another blogger friend who also likes trains. Do you know Johann from South Africa? He also has a train collection:)

Take care and have an excellent week Giorgio!

Anne said...

Wow, that's a beautiful model train set!

Char said...

My Dad would love your train collection. When I was a little girl he used to take my sisters and I to see model railways but, being girls, we weren't very interested.

kizzy said...

very cute model...Love that one..

--kizzy marmot

Black Knight said...

Bello, immagino quanto sia contenta tua moglie quando gli ingombri tutta la sala da pranzo con il giocattolo! Correndo quel kilo e mezzo lo butti via subito. A presto e prossimamente su questi schermi con altre inimmaginabili eroiche avventure!

Ewa said...

What a cool hobby. I can see myself getting into model trains and forgetting about everything else. Why are days so short?
Great collection.
BTW, running in the rain is fun.

Johann said...

Hi Giorgio, that is really nice. I think you've seen some photos of my trains on my blog before. Our rain season is also starting now (summer) and that is often when I spend time with the trains. Mine is HO scale Bachmann trains. I will also post more pics as I expand some areas.

Amy said...

My three boys would love having a chance to build model railways like that!

Fran said...

You have a great collection.

I have an uncle who collected trains too back when I was young but we could never play with it, he was too scared we would destroy it :)

Happy running for you too.

Meg said...

Once again, your trains are so interesting!
I met a lot of people at the marathon that are from Italy! There were more people from Europe than I'd ever seen at any marathon, ever. I loved it. Everyone was so friendly and jovial. Maybe you'll make it over some day! I know you'd really enjoy the race and the city!