Sunday, December 04, 2011

10 km race to help charities

On Sunday, December, 18th the Liberty Christmas run starts in my town. It's its first edition and it will be organized to help many charities. I hope that hundreds of runners will run this 10 km race although in the same day another Christmas race starts in Orbetello (Tuscany).
Today I ran with the group along the race's track which is situated around the industrial area in the northern side of the town.
After the warm-up (25 mins) we did 8 x 5 mins repeats at a average pace of 5.10 min./km. It's a good pace considering that the track was hilly and it wasn't easy. At this point, I would need to lose weight, 3 kg at least. It's always the same problem before every race. So, I'm going to increase healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables ... and of course, less both red wine and beer ... in the Autumn I love having red wine with chocolate and chestnut :) Moreover, carbs (bread, pasta, pizza and potatoes) are really dangerous at dinner. Although I enjoy the kitchen table, I'll try to monitor calories ... until Sunday, December, 18th :)
On the political front, while economic newspapers in the world are writing that Europe stands on the brink of disaster, in Italy there are people who predict disaster, quite routinely, in order to justify the distruction of social security and other popular programs: I hope that conservatives in the world don't exist any more. And if they were to resurface today in the policy world they would be taken seriously by no one
The second photo shows the Mignone river, situated 100 km North from Rome.  Last week I was here for job.
I hope all you blogger friends will have a nice week and a happy running!


Char said...

It must be so hard to restrict your food intake coming into the colder months, especially when it's so close to Christmas and all the Christmas food that's available. One of my friends is heading over to Denmark this week and she's sure she'll put on heaps of weight because it's cold and she'll be there for Christmas. But really there's nothing more comforting than carbs when it's cold.

ajh said...

I need to work on my weight too but this is a hard time of year to do it.

Fran said...

You're brave to restrict your food intake in December but you can have your glass of wine at Christmas dinner as I understand.
I'm trying to eat as healthy as I can this month but I don't give up my glass of wine. It's my treat of the week, I love it too much. I don't like beer. You can better leave the beer alone and in my opinion it's perfectly fine to drink a glass of red wine every now and then.

Good luck!

Black Knight said...

As I told you it is difficult to find here a good path for a race: too many uphill, downhill and with more than one lap. However you are doing the right thing running for a social cause.
I will be in Pisa but I don't know if I would have run such race, I don't want to risk my knee. I'd prefer to pay the fee (to help charities) but running in Orbetello.

Ewa said...

I am sorry to totally disagree with you on a healthy diet restrictions. Red wine and beer have to be included in any diet if a person is to retain his mental health. :-)

I would rather run hills than on flat. Alternating muscles keeps me going.

As for conservatives, I am noticing them being more outspoken and louder everywhere in the world. I am quite concerned about the peace in the world should they every come to power.

Amy said...

Sounds like a nice charity race you have coming up! I wouldn't worry too much about those extra 3 kg, you can probably easily lose them by just cutting out some wine and desserts for a few weeks.

Mark said...

I hope that many, many runners sign up for this 10km. I would certainly do it if I were in the "neighborhood" :)

I would cut back on anything but chocolate!

It's always a balance between maintaining an optimal running/racing weight and not depriving yourself of the other things you enjoy in life.

Breandán said...

Good man Giorgio - no carbs and no conservatives!

Johann said...

Running for charity is always great and I do it whenever possible. Your Autumn food and drink intake is very similar to what mine always is. I must admit though I haven't had a beer in 2011. I also weigh 7kg less now than in January. Keep well Giorgio!

Thomas Bussiere said...

It always makes me feel good about a run when done for charity. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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Keep up with the good work!

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