Sunday, November 20, 2011

17 km long run on Sunday, November, 20th

Hi to everyone,
On Friday, November, 18th, Stefano sent me this photo which was taken last summer while I was running a 6 km race. He found this photo through the web.
My training is going well and today I did 17 km with the group. I was delighted with the time taken which was   1 hour and 25 minutes because the track was hilly. I'm running a 10 km race next month so I'd like to increase my speed on that distance.

In the meanwhile, all the politic scenario is going to change around the Mediterranean area: from Italy to Greece and from Tunisia to Libya and Egypt. I hope politic and economic conditions will be better soon! The photo above shows  Muammar Gaddafi, former Arab nationalist  leader of Libya.
I hope you'll have a nice week!


Black Knight said...

A fast workout. Today was the perfect day for a good performance, sunny and warm. I did twice the Molacce path and as usual I had a double dog attack.
Even if I will not run the marathon (keeping the fingers crossed), I don't enter that race for all the reasons you know, I prefer Grosseto.

Ewa said...

Great workout, Giorigo! Good luck with your race.
I also hope all the changes in the region will be for the better. Then I look at what is happening in Egypt and I wonder... The world is definitely in turmoil.

Amy said...

Great run! Sounds like you will be all set for your race.
I agree - the situation all over Europe is tenuous right now. It feels like things are going to change in a big way.

ajh said...

Good luck with your race.

Char said...

That's such a solid 17k run. You must be getting really fit.

It's great that you have a new president over there. Maybe this one will be a little more dignified and manage to rein in the finances.

Fran said...

Nice photo of you. Great run too, to me it's a very fast run so well done.

I hope things will get better soon but all I hear here is "it's going to get worse" (meaning the economic situation). Next year life expenses will raise again, they already predict a lot of people will have financial problems because they can't pay their mortgage anymore. We are lucky because we both have a job. I really don't know when and where this is going to end. First time I'm actually worried about the future.

Johann said...

That is a great run Giorgio! Thanks for the comment about Sudan and your link. It is amazing that we both are following some Sudan related organisation. People there are really suffering. I hope the region and the world can see more and more peace.

Mark said...

Very nice pace for a long run on a hilly course!

Change can be a good thing, let's hope it's for the better.

Breandán said...

Gaddaffi would have been better off had he just been a good runner like yourself Giorgio!