Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Two days away from running this week

Hello blogger friends! I didn't post last week because I was busy. But I've followed your blogs and all the bad news about the earthquake in New Zealand. I hope that  Char who lives in that area will feel better soon (I've just red her post). Moreover, The crisis in Libya seems to be getting further out of control.

This afternoon I was delighted with my run: 10 km at an average pace of 5.10 min./km. I'm happy, it's a good tempo run considering that we ran the main part of the track against the cold wind. At 6:35 p.m.  while we were running on the way back we met the  Black Knight . He didn't mind running against the cold wind  :)
Yesterday rest and on Monday, 21th,  I did a 45 min. relaxing run. Moreover, last Sunday, on a sunny morning,  I ran with the group:  20 min. warm-up and  6 x 10 min. repeats  with 2 min. recovery. I was really pleased with this workout!
Unfortunately I'll be two days away from running this week (on Friday and Saturday) because I'm going to follow a convention  which will be held in Frosinone (100 km South of Rome). It's a convention about the obligations to eliminate environmental damages and water pollution hazards. The speakers will  show the legal framework of environmental protection in Europe in a global perspective.
As a consequence, I've plan to run  tomorrow and next Sunday.
The photo above was taken on January, 16th, while I was running the Ostia's 14 km race.
I hope all you blogger friends will have a nice training..


ajh said...

Like the picture! I"m not running today because I am sick and I suspect tomorrow will be the same. Hate missing workouts but can't be helped.
I hope you enjoy your conference.

Breandán said...

good to see you're back blogging - and still running so well!

Black Knight said...

Thanks for the mention, of course I will do the same because the meeting was epic in the dark, near the sea with high waves and with a strong cold wind. Beautiful photo, I suggest to put it on the profile (this is better). On friday I will run few relaxing km before the main event of Sunday, will you?
See you this evening. Ciao

Fran said...

Great runs Giorgio!

Where I live there's always wind and I've gotten used to it. But there's a difference between wind and wind :) The cold brutal one I don't like very much either but I do it.

It's amazing how the people in countries as Egypt, Tunesia and Libya stand up for their rights.
Personally the crisis in Libya is going to cost me money as the price of gas will be even more expensive soon.

Hope you have a good convention with lots of great speakers.

Amy said...

I always feel better if I can fit my runs in on other days, if I have something out of the ordinary in my schedule. Hope the conference goes well!
PS: Nice picture!

Char said...

Thanks for your thoughts Giorgio. I've stopped watching all the coverage and that's helped a lot. It's more manageable when you only get updates at the end of the day. I'm hoping that all the disasters are done for this year.
Enjoy your conference.

Ewa said...

Great runs, Giorgio.
Hope you will post more about the conference. Seems like a very important and interesting subject.
The world could use some time off from disasters and unrest.

George said...

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Sherri said...

2 days away from running??? How??? Just kidding...I am happy when I have 2 days of running! =) Your amazing!