Sunday, February 06, 2011

Different reasons for having a blog

On January, 28th, an interesting survey was held by Christina , from Phoenix, Arizona. "Why do you have a runnning blog?". That was her question. Most bloggers answered that they love sharing their thoughts and staying motivated. Blogging helps them and runners have different reasons for having a blog. Although I'm not a facebooker, I think that our blogger community is a great way to communicate and the social aspect of it is really cool.

The photo above shows the Ostia's 14 km race which I ran on January, 16th, on a sunny and beautiful Sunday. That photo was taken while I was running the 2nd km. and the Black Knight found the image through the web. Thanks for that Stefano!
After I had run the race I took the photo which you can see below. It shows  the refreshments which was held after the race. Good organization: we had  a lot of food and drinks such as fruits, pastry, cakes, sandwiches, orange juice and tea.


In the meanwhile, near my country, the Tunisian contagion catches on and violent protests sweep through Egypt and Yemen. Authoritarian regimes in the Mediterranean area are facing unexpected challenges that could rearrange the political landscape in the Arab world. 

This month I'm busy for job and I can't run four times a week. it's a real pity that I'm not running a race this month although I'm trying to maintain the training.

I hope all you will have a nice Sunday!


Ewa said...

Hope you manage to get your training it.

I am following all the unrest in the Arab world praying for a peaceful solution.

I love my blogging community, so supportive and so inspirational.

Amy said...

We are also closely following everything in North Africa...hope they can manage to sort things out peacefully.
I blog for the same reasons you do!
Looks like you get great refreshments after races in Italy!

Anne said...

I really enjoy blogging and being part of this virtual running community :)

I also hope the urest in the Arab world has a positive ending.

Have a great week Giorgio!

Black Knight said...

I am not a facebooker too.
You forgot to write that someone stole your t-shirt and the organization gave you one bottle of wine more.

Fran said...

I like blogging about running but also about the other things in live. I love reading other blogs because I can learn from them. Sometimes during a run when I want to give up, I think about the fact that I want to blog about a completed run and not about one I cut short and I move on. So blogging also helps me keep going on on difficult runs.

Breandán said...

i agree -those are great reasons to have a running blog... another would be that other bloggers can inspire you in your lazy times to get out there and run.

ajh said...

I have found the blogging community to be very supportive. Plus they are willing to listen to me blather on about running and racing! My friends get sick of it!

Those refreshments sound great!

Christina said...

pastries and cakes? dang! You get all the good stuff for your post runs. We get banana's and pretzels. Sometimes store bought cheap cookies.

Char said...

Your post-race recovery table looks like an amazing buffet. You Italians sure know how to do food.

Johann said...

I enjoy connecting with runners in other countries a lot. I never knew that would happen when I started my blog. I love races with refreshments afterwards. We don't have many of those here. Good luck with all the work!

Thomas Bussiere said...

I would run 2X a day if not for work. Good luck with the training, and think of it as a light training week.

Sherri said...

I absolutely love the social aspect of blogging! It is usually the only social I get that is over 10 years of age! =)

Black Knight said...

Hai fatto il lungo oggi?