Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Bacon spaghetti

Four months ago some blogger friends suggested writing Italian recipes related to the prerace dinner and I'm sure that they like making recipes healthier, not making complicated dishes. As you know, the night before the race we need energy. Of course, we have to find a recipe that provides plenty of carbs without too much fat or protein.  Next Sunday I'm running a 10 km race and the night before the race I'll have a  simple pasta dish. It's "Bacon Spaghetti". At first, you need "garlic oil". To make it, heat olive oil over medium heat and add garlic (finely sliced). Remove from stove and let infuse for one hour, then discard the garlic. Cook pasta  (8 ounces spaghetti) according to package directions. In a separate pan, fry the bacon (4 ounces finely diced bacon) in two tablespoons "garlic oil" until cooked (about 3 to 4 minutes). Drain pasta and add to the bacon. Garnish with parsley. There are 2 portions.
This is an interesting week considering our running and blogging community. Johann from Johannesburg, South Africa, will be back to 100% normal by the end of the week. The 3rd of October he wrote kind words on his blog about our blogger community. Last Sunday Julie from Minnesota, United States, ran a great Twins Cities marathon. It was her fist marathon:  final time 4:09:45. Congrats again Julie! And then there's martin briars from Mont Saint Aignan, France, who is running the Barcelona Triathlon. Good luck Martin!
A special good luck to Char  from Brisbane, Australia, who is running a marathon this weekend!
I'm running a 10 km race  next Sunday.
Nice running to everyone!


Ewa said...

I protest!
I just ate dinner and you made me hungry again.
I bet after a dinner like that you can run several marathons in a row.

Anonymous said...

You got to love the www, you find me thru' Johan, I find you, now we 'friends', running on different continents. Thanks for the recipe - i'm gonna try it on Monday when we have homemade pasta :-)

Black Knight said...

Hai visto che bella foto hai trovato? Ormai spazi dall'atletica, alla medicina, alla culinaria e chi ti ferma più? Domani mattina presto mi alleno e di sera vado al concerto degli U2 all'Olimpico. Ci si vede domenica alle 08.00. Ti sei iscritto? Eventualmente puoi farlo on line tramite sito

Char said...

Thanks for the shout-out. I'll be thinking of all my supportive bloggy friends while I run on Sunday.

Amy said...

I almost always make pasta on Saturday evening - before my long runs on Sunday. It's kind of become a tradition. Last week it was rigatoni all Norma - with eggplant and pomodoro sauce - mmm! The recipe was from the last issue of Runners World Magazine.

martin briars said...

thank You Giorgio.... my training for Barcelona has been stopped due to a contraction on my right calf. If i rest for 10 days i should be ok, so i stopped today, which means 9 to go... and then the triathlon. The swim and cycling will be ok, but the run is the problem. I hope it works out - only 10k this time, so hopefully my rest will give me extra speed - plus your spaghetti !!!!
best to all!

Johann said...

Hi Giorgio, I will certainly make this on Saturday, thanks! Thanks for the shout-out as well. I am feeling good and grateful that I recovered well and quickly.

Julie said...

Hi Giorgio,
You know how I feel about the Italian recipes!!! You should do it! I love pasta dishes and have pasta before all of my long runs.

Also, thanks for the kind words Giorgio! I appreciate your positive encouragement:) I hope that you have an excellent weekend!

chris mcpeake said...

I will definitely try this out.
Have a great weekend

Suzy said...

GL on your 10K. I hope it is a good one.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and the GL.

Anne said...

Mmmmm that sounds delicious!