Monday, October 11, 2010

Tough race

On a cloudy Sunday we ran the Montalto's race along an odd and tough track of 9.6 km. My time taken was 41:17 minutes and I was really delighted with my average pace of 4:18 min./Km, considering the hilly route. The town of Montalto and its old castle are situated on the hill, of consequence the running path is always tough. Stefano ran a good race and his average pace was 4.46 min./Km. You can read the Black Knight's report. He didn't destroy the biggest tower of the Montalto's castle which you can see in the photo below :)  

As request by Char from Brisbane, Australia, I show the loot here below.

Nice week to everyone!


Julie said...

Way to rock the race Giorgio! It sounds like you had a challenging course but ran a nice pace! Congrats! Also, I love your loot:)

Enjoy your week!

Ewa said...

Seems you have really earned your loot, Giorgio. Hope you got to celebrate the victorious battle.

Black Knight said...

Hai vinto olio ... quindi olio di ricino per i prossimi prigionieri che faremo o per il tuo scudiero se preferisci! Bellissima la foto della torre! Complimenti per il tempo finale, penso sia il tuo PR. Venerdì non penso che verrò con voi perchè se ce la faccio ad alzarmi presto proverò a fare un bel lungo. Tanto ci teniamo in contatto.

Amy said...

Great fast run and great loot, too! That sure makes it worth it, right?

Anonymous said...

Great run - I'm envious of your very fast pace. Love the loot - wish we got things like that here.

Fran said...

Wow Giorgio you're really fast. Great run!

I love the loot!

Christina said...

serious? That's your loot? Man, I am SOOOOO jealous you get totally cool stuff and we get flyers that get thrown out.

Johann said...

That's a fast run, well done! I like the castle and the loot looks awesome. You run races with strange distances.

martin briars said...

great run Giorgio !!!
we have a very similar time over this distance!
i'd love to run in Italy - all those goodies at the end !
italian wine !!

all the best

Meg said...

Nice run, Giorgio! I especially appreciate the loot. It makes it all worth while!
Charge on!