Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thank you Julie!

I've just received the beautiful present which you can see in the photos. Thank you Julie for the nice gift and for your kind words. The present is a wonderful Minnesota Twins t-shirt and it is a Cooperstown Collection product. It has the n° 7 on the back, which is the Joe Mauer’s number. I will wear it in your honor Julie, with proud.
Thanks again Julie ( ).

The n° 7 on the back of the t-shirt, which you can see in photo below, is Joe Mauer’s number. Julie explained that this player, originally from St. Paul, is the catcher for the Minnesota Twins.

This morning Stefano ( / ) gave me the official race report of the Grosseto's 12 km race which we ran last Sunday: I was 453 out of 845 runners. But the most important thing of that race was the good organization and the beautiful track. Moreover, after the race we got a "heavy" loot :)
Have a nice training!


Johann said...

Cool shirt! Run safe Giorgio, we have a nice long weekend this week.

Black Knight said...

Now I think that Mauer must wear a t-shirt with your name on the back! Great result in Grosseto, that is a difficult field with only real runners, as you know the last of the race closed with a 6 min/km pace!!!!!

Julie said...

Hi Giorgio,
I am so glad that those shirts made it all the way to Italy! You and Stefano both look great in them!

Awesome job on that 12 K! You placed very well:) Happy running!

Char said...

So where's the picture of your 'heavy loot'? We , your followers, are curious creatures.

Alexandra said...

How cool to receive the shirts from another part of the world! I love how blogging brings us together!

Christina said...

Your very handsome. An Italian handsome runner...what more could a gal want?

Fran said...

No way this is really, really funny: at my last run in Amsterdam I was number 453 out of 845 runners. Can you believe that :)

Great looking shirt.