Sunday, November 08, 2009

2009 Civitavecchia's half-marathon

There were about 1500 runners who took part in the race while the weather was rainy. I had breakfast at 07:10 a.m., about three hours before the race which started at 10:00 a.m.
When the race started the runners ran next to the cathedral and through the port. Outside the port we ran among farmers fields and countryside surronding the northern side of the town and was really nice.
I didn't find the race difficult to do because there were two short up hills only (total up hill distance was about 1.2 km). We run the last 2 km through the town, next to the theatre and the archaeological museum. The distance of the race was 21 km. Time taken: 1 hour, 42 minutes, 44 seconds. Two year ago I ran the same half marathon and I took the same time. While I was running the race it didn't rain. Fortunately it rained 5 minutes after I crossed the finish line, so I quickly came beck home.
This time the loot wasn't interesting. It was a bathrobe. What's more is that they gave me a very small size. But it's important I enjoyed the race.


Alexandra said...

Job well done on your half marathon! I like the port photo with the tall ships docked. I'm glad you enjoyed the race!

strewth said...

Congratulations on a really good time for the half marathon. Pity the bathrobe doesn't fit cos that is something really different to win! Good timing with the weather!

strewth said...

Hi Giorgio, You asked me about my drills. It is important to run for about 15mins to warm-up and about 20mins after finishing the drills. Check out this website. It actually demonstrates how they are done and is really helpful.
You don't necessarily have to do them all as it takes a while!

Black Knight said...

Where is the loot? Where can I read the body count?
Congrats for the performance a very good final time.

Black Knight said...

Ho cambiato foto del profilo, sto facendo una prova. Se vuoi puoi anche cancellare questo commento.
A presto