Sunday, October 25, 2009

19 km. training

We began the Sunday's training at 08:00 a.m. while the weather was mainly sunny. At the beginning we ran up hill and down hill outside the town. while we were running next to a green hill we saw a lot of black sheeps. It was the first time I saw black sheeps here in Italy.
During the last two km. we passed through the old side of the town. I was pleased with my training, so I'll try to run the Civitavecchia half-marathon next month. I decided to try the race which starts the 8th of November 2009.


chris mcpeake said...

great pics,
good luck with the training

Alexandra said...

It is so nice to see photos of where you run! Where is the snow? Glad you are pleased with your training and it continues to go well!

strewth said...

Wow - black sheep, green grass - looks like NZ but the other photos bring back memories of familiar places. You will run well in the Half on 8th - best of luck!

le @ whoopwhoop said...

Thanks for cominh by whoop whoop for a look see ... I think the gulf is about as far away from beautiful Italy as one can almost get !

What a beautiful environment you have to run it.

Before babes my husband and I use to run (slow jog) together five mornings a week - about 8km. You have reminded me as to how great it was ... maybe one day soon we will be able to go again - maybe put the kids on bikes ... hmmmm ... good luck with your running in 2010 - best le