Saturday, May 06, 2017

Running along the seashore and next to ancient Roman ruins

I continue to show the route that I usually run when my running session lasts more than one hour. It's a running track along the seashore and next to ancient Roman ruins (on April 24th I showed other Roman ruins).

The pictures were taken when the water flows away from the shore (Ebb tide).

With regard to running, I've got two pictures of  the12 km race which I ran last month. I was running I wore the red outfit. My running pace was 4:40 min./km
Spring weather makes me feel fine, but just a little tired. That's why  I haven't been running any race since April 2nd.  The following picture shows how I was tired while I was running the 12th km.
Two months ago my son and my two daughters gave me some goji berries, and since then I have been having them at breakfast in addition to other food, such as honey, walnuts and yogurt.
I have learnt the antioxidant power of goji berries. With regard to my Spring weakness, I am looking for some food which berries could be helpful. Have you ever been tired in Spring?
Nice weekend to everyone!

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B3yond Nutrition, LLC said...

Love the running route! Enjoy the berries!