Saturday, April 15, 2017

Social lives of networked people

Nowadays we can always see people attracted by texting, Facebook,  Twitter, instant messaging, and other social media. We see them completely "networked" everywhere: along the streets, in open plan offices, and inside restaurants and department stores. Sometimes we can see them inside the church. We are surrounded by awkward images of people who now go online to connect other people in their community. They don't  see the world around them. Since the late 2000s I have seen people who send text messages while they are running. How do they carrying mobile phones while they are running?

I would like to carry a camera while I am running instead of a mobile ... I took the picture of the seagull above while I was running this week.
Happy Easter to the blogging community!


B3yond Nutrition, LLC said...

Everyone here yells at me for not carrying my phone on long runs. I carry that thing all over - and I'm often oblivious to stuff b/c of it. At the least, I take a break when I run. Plus I'm always afraid I'll want to call home 10 miles out and have someone pick me up! LOL!

Giorgio said...

Great point! You could call someone on the way back home ... that's why our mobile phone will be useful while we are running :)))