Sunday, January 15, 2017

How getting older affects our running

I've just read an interesting post about things only runners, walkers and bikers  "who are getting older will understand". The blog's author is a runner who is turning 50 on February 22, and she mainly explains how getting older affects our running: recovery takes longer, sleep times decrease, and hormonal deficiencies slightly rise. The good news is that by running, we are decreasing our risk of so many other conditions such as diabetes and various cancers. It also strengthens our joints.
Unfortunately, in relation to hearth disease, she wrote that, according to statistics issued by marathontrainingacademy.commarathoners over 50 are twice as likely to have a heart attack while running a marathon than those under 40 years old.
She summarizes very well in her post those interesting points above mentioned. This is her link:

In the meanwhile, Winter cold is increasing here in Central and Southern Italy, and I am not so able to run outdoors three times a week.
Naples, Vesuvius volcano with snow on the top.
The old building on the left is the Royal palace. 
And last but not least, this month I joined a new running team in Rome, ASD ATLETICOM, that's its name.
Happy running, walking and cycling to everyone!


B3yond Nutrition, LLC said...

Hydration and not sitting for >15minutes at a time w/o moving your legs can set you up for a clot that can travel to the lungs, heart or brain. This is serious for those who do the runcation. 85% of all air travel thrombosis are athletes!

Giorgio said...

Thanks for your comment. Hydration and not sitting for >15minutes it's a very interesting point.

Thomas Bussiere said...

Interesting. I'm 53 and wondered about this. As we know, when we push ourselves, any flaws surface. As we age, with increasingly number of flaws, one must use caution and aware of the potential impact. Train hard, know your limits, but don't try and do what was possible when 20. Change how you train, and change your goals, as you age will ensure longevity.

Giorgio said...

That's right, Thomas! So glad to hear your point of view! Thanks for that!
We have to be aware of our limits ... I'm 55 and sometimes try to remind my age while I'm running a race or doing a particular training session with runners who are younger than me.

Black Knight said...

e le foto della Scozia?

Giorgio said...

Vero! Farò un post al più presto per mostrare le foto fatte a Edinburgo.