Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A picture before the race

As mentioned in my previous post, I ran my last race on June 2nd. I would like to post a picture which was taken that day before race.
I also show a picture of an olive tree which is as large as a car. I saw it while I was doing a training sessions last week. And last but not least, two cakes made at home ... although  I shouldn't get a lot of carbohydrates in Summer :) The black one with blueberries is my favourite.

Nice runs to everyone!


Char said...

That olive tree is truly an impressive size. I'm guessing that it's got to be really old to grow that large.

Giorgio said...

You're right, Char! that olive tree is more that 200 years old.

Fran said...

The blueberry cake looks delicious!

Black Knight said...

Tempo di gare ed i dolci sono il giusto premio per i nostri sforzi.
Ieri Alessandro ha detto di organizzare una nuova cena del Black Knight Army.