Sunday, March 15, 2015

Last cold of the Winter ... Maybe.

It seems that last week we saw the last cold of the Winter here in taly. And I'd like to post a few pictures which I took while I was running. There are some sweet hills close to the town, and I went running there last Friday. I tryed to maintain the same pace along those soft paths up-hill and down-hill.   

The weather was windy and cold while I ran past the red house which you can see here below. This time the running path was quite flat. 

And it was cold too in the middle of the town where I ran last Wednesday. As you can see here below, there weren't any people along the pedestrian area of the town in the early afternoon .

Last week I really enjoyed running with my camera. I have seen that runners sometimes do the same. Have you ever run with your camera?
Nice week to all my blogger fiends!


Char said...

I enjoy you running with your camera too. I love seeing where other people get to run.

Amy Crawshaw said...

It's been a little bit cold here, too - hopefully it's winter's last hurrah!

Black Knight said...

E invece fa ancora freddo e piove.
Ma finirà e ci faremo qualche bella gara con pranzo finale!
P.S.: In allenamento sono sceso sui 5:40/km

Fran said...

Great photo's!

I always have my phone with me on a run but hardly stop to take a photo (unless it's a beautiful sunrise). Running is exercise for me and I just want to follow the training. Walking however is a different story, on my walks I take all the time to take photo's (as you know :) )

Johann said...

Lovely photos! I watched the cycling in Italy this week and was surprised at how cold it still was. I often run with my camera.

martin briars said...

nice pics - it does look chilly in Italy !! sting is just around the corner :)

ajh said...

I run with my camera all the time. The pictures that I just posted I took while I was racing! I love seeing everyone's pics.

Black Knight said...

Bravo, hai salvato 9000 vite. Questi mascalzoni sono capaci di distruggere l'ambiente e di fare strage di animali. Cosa sarebbe la natura senza di loro? Hai fatto caso che ancora non sono arrivate le rondini che allietano le nostre giornate con le loro acrobazie ed i loro "gridolini"? Non mi voglio dilungare, ma in città ci sono sempre meno volatili: passerotti, verdoni, cardellini sono in numero esiguo. Però ..... ci sono i Rambo vestiti da guerrieri indomiti che coraggiosamente, armati di tutto punto, vanno nelle campagne a dare sfoggio delle loro abilità guerrafondaie. Poi magari, a loro tempo, si sono fatti riformare dal servizio militare...... così va il mondo.