Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Physical exercise

I've just finished reading posts of our blogging community, and I've noticed that most blogger friends are still running, in spite of cold wind and snow.That's really a good thing! Since February 1st I have run twice along my favourite track close to the seacoast, where I can enjoy the smell of sea salt in the air. Wind and waves kick up spray, and bits of sodium chloride can permeate the air while I am running.

The palm trees in the sidewalk area close to the seacoast 
I noticed that since January motivation is increasing slightly, that's why I'd like to say just a note to focus on one of the most important fenefit of running. We always see a relationship between running and phisical benefits, such as lower blood pressure,  healthier heart or a more attractive physique. But running magazines have recently suggested that there is another benefit of regular walking/running: exercise enables us to soak in more information. Our lifestyle is related to the way we think.  
Some friends of mine say they don't have time for an activity. But I think they don't consider it a priority. In my opinion, there are two ways to relate the time we have available and physical exercise:
  • first, becoming part of a group (running, walking, dancing, etc.); 
  • second, reframing physical activity as part of our job.
Happy running/walking to everyone!    


ajh said...

Running along the ocean is the best. I'll be visiting Maine in 2 weeks and can't wait to do the same.

Char said...

It always surprises me that so many people can ignore the benefits of exercise. It really doesn't have to take up too much time and you don't have to train like an Olympian to see rewards.

Fran said...

If you want to, you can find time. I always plan my workouts for the week ahead at the weekend. I exercise early in the morning so when I get home I have time to go for a walk with Bella.

When I run I listen to music but when I walk I don't and I often think about things then or get ideas for things at work or at home.

Happy running.

Amy Crawshaw said...

It must be wonderful to run along the ocean! And I totally agree with you on the benefits of exercise - it's one of the very best things you can do for physical and mental health!

HalfCrazed Runner said...

I totally agree. My running is more about managing emotions, anxiety, and aging well (mind and body). I'd probably be committed already if I didn't run. LOL!

Black Knight said...

....e se non sei in gruppo ascolta musica!
P.S.: Dai un'occhiata al calendario Corrintuscia 2015.