Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Fruit, vegetables and water

Since the 1st week of May I've been reading some good posts  about the importance of fruit, vegetables and water.  Blogging writers have focused their  posts of the fact that we, runners and walkers who live in the Northern emisphere, are headed into the warmer months. This reminds me the importance of rehydration. I always put into my body more than 2 bottles of water a day and I drink three cups of water before breakfast. There is always a small bottle of water in my handbag (not sparkling water). I try to do the same in Winter too.  Other bloggers talk about food: the more the fruit and vegetables, the less the risk of heart disease. We would have to teach good behaviour rules about food and drink ... our children are watching us.

The picture above shows the starting line of the race for the cure which I ran on Sunday May 18th. Fantastic! I didn't run too fast because I decided to enjoy the atmoshpere and the landmarks along the track. A fantastic race for a great social cause!
Nice week to all my blogger friends!


Amy Crawshaw said...

Nice with all those pink balloons! I totally agree with you on the importance of fruits and veg for health - nothing can beat them, except perhaps exercise?

Char said...

When you see all those fruit and veggie stalls at the market it's almost impossible to not want some. All those colours make them very inviting.

ajh said...

That is a great cause and way to enjoy the atmosphere! I've been eating a lot more fruits and vegetables lately.

Johann said...

My wife is always on my case about fruit and vegetables. She keeps the family healthy in that way. Great pink race!

Fran said...

I drink enough water all year round, Summer and Winter. I am doing this for so long now, it's a habit. Same as eating enough fruits and veggies, grew up with this, my mom watched us if we ate enough of it.

Looks like a great race!

Black Knight said...

Altro che cibo e bevande! Qua dieta stretta per non ingrassare durante il periodo di forzata inattività.
Peccato non essermi potuto godere la Race for the Cure

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dopdavid said...

Wow that place where you ran looks amazing! what a wonderful time. I agree with your outlook on health about fruits, vegetables, and hydration with water.

HalfCrazed Runner said...

Wow - that has to be the prettiest farmer's market I have ever seen! Yumm!