Saturday, May 17, 2014

All posts should come with a picture

Few people who live in my town really know the fountain of Vanvitelli. It' s a symbol of Civitavecchia. It's the gateway to the town, so  it almost guards Civitavecchia and the sea.
I took the picture yesterday while I was running along the port.

Last week I went to Rome twice for job and tomorrow I will be still there where I will run the "Race for the cure".  Its goal is to raise money for a specific type of cancer research.
Nice weekend to everyone.



Amy Crawshaw said...

Yes, I wished I had had my camera with me yesterday for our walk, so I could share some pictures - next time I will remember!
Good luck on your race in Rome - hope it goes well!

ajh said...

What a great thing to be racing for.

ANd I agree, all posts need a picture.

Fran said...

I like photo's in posts too, mostly because I'm interested in where my blogger friends live. And for my own blog I like to share the beauty of my country.

You've asked if I could give an opinion on the other blog about the European elections. I haven't read it because I have no interest in the European elections, we aren't voting for it this year. At this point I think Europe is good but we need to get things straigth in my own country first with the economic recession.

Black Knight said...

E il porto me lo fai vedere anche sul blog!
Qua le cose non vanno sto andando a Grosseto per una risonanza magnetica. Ci aggiorniamo.