Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Day traditional food

Thanks everyone for sharing information about the name of the Nativity scene. Is it Crèche or crib? I noticed that both the two words express the same fundamental meaning. Maybe, the best term is Nativity scene , although displays often go beyond the manger scene and may even include a representation of the entire village.
So this is the last day of the year and tommorrow New Year's Day is every man's birthday. According to tradition, New Year's Day food will bring you fortune in the year to come. Here in Italy, seafood dishes are always eaten at New Year's eve. With regard to fish dishes, the picture below shows a big brown grouper, which I saw while I was buying seafood on December 24th.    
In most cultures,  meal prepared on New Year's  Day brings good luck.  Here  in Italy New Year's eve  meal consists of seafood and lentils,  which symbolize little coins:  they can  bring prosperity  for the new  year and should be the first meal we eat for the new year. Of course, we also celebrate with party and firework.
What is your New Year traditional meal? 
Happy New Year to all the blogger friends! 


Fran said...

Look for "oliebol" on the internet, that's what we have on New Year's Eve.

Happy New Year Giorgio, it's been a pleasure reading your blog for another year and I look forward to what 2014 brings for you and what you will share here.

ajh said...

Happy New Year. I do not have a traditional NY food. I do run a race every year and eat their food which includes hot soup and ice cream!

Char said...

We don't really have traditional New Years food. A lot of people don't want to eat a lot after too much celebrating the night before. Not me, though. I was in bed early and awake early enough to go on a trail run before it got too hot.

Amy said...

Nothing particulary special here in Belgium as far as food goes.

Best wishes for 2014!

Black Knight said...

Il pesce non mi piace!!!
Una bella pizza e una coca-cola vanno bene per ogni occasione.
Di nuovo buon anno ed il 5 ad Ostia non faremo prigionieri.