Saturday, October 05, 2013

One week inactivity

Just a short post to say that I had been sick (flu and sore throat) last week. And it was hard enough to do a 10 km run yesterday after about a week inactivity. My small experience in running has taught me that inactivity breeds inactivity and consequently we might lose motivation. 
I'd like to share those pictures from last week. The first photo was taken while I was doing shopping and it shows italian garlic. The second one shows packaged lettuce which has been made in North Germany (I saw it in a supermarket in my neughborhood yesterday). Although I love Germany, I thought how could I buy (and eat) veggies which had been harvested more than two weeks ago on the northern side of the European continent (more than 1500 km far from my town)?

With regard to veggies, I have just visited Amy 's blog and I'm delighted with her post where she shares the recipe of the vegetarian lasagna. I look forward to giving it a try. Since last Spring I have noticed my high cholesterol levels and awareness about the importance of fruit, veggies and other healthy food has increased sharply. Of course, local food!

Happy weekend to all my blogger friends! 


Amy said...

I totally agree with you on the veggies from far away - I don't like to buy them either! Although we do get a lot of veggies from Spain here in the winter, and then it's the only option.

Good luck with the cholesterol - mine dropped drastically when I eliminated animal foods from my diet (went vegan) - I think the biggest thing to get rid of if you want to drop your cholesterol is milk and cheese products.

ajh said...

I had a cold and poor workout week last week which always panics me but I am happy to say I did all my workouts this week with great enthusiasm.

Char said...

We get fruit and vegetables from all over the world too. It just seems wrong to spend so much of the world's resources shipping food from one place to the next. I sometimes worry about the quality control in other places. Are they using chemicals on their produce that have been outlawed over here? I try to always buy locally.

Fran said...

I agree that it's hard to get back at regular exercise if you have been sick or even after a vacation.

As you know I have my Beebox since 4 weeks and I can't tell you how much I love it. I eat different fruits and vegetables than I normally do. Everything that's in the box has a mention where it comes from: all from Holland and all from suppliers close to home. You know what's in it a day before you get the box because it depends on what can be harvested this week. I love it, not because it is delicious also because I make a small contribution to the environment this way.

HalfCrazed Runner said...

I like to run, if it's a small head cold (stuffy nose). I really think exercise is better than medicine. Fever = no running, though. Good to eat those veggies, they'll provide lots of vitamin C to help with colds, and phosphorus for energy!