Saturday, September 21, 2013

Civitavecchia bike sharing scheme

I haven't been blogging since August, 18th and I'd like to write a short post about the bike sharing scheme which my town inaugurated this summer in July.  
The Mayor decided to follow the example of other towns around  the world (as you can see in the first two photos). Unfortunately,  some people are unhappy about the distribution of the stations because entire boroughs of Civitavecchia have been left out. Moreover, less than 30 bikes are available! it's a very small number considering that New York's bike share scheme offers 6,000 bikes. Obviously, I know that the "Big Apple" is bigger than my town and the two towns are incomparable. 
Yesterday I  did a good run with two friends although I haven't planned to run any race at the moment. After the warm up we ran 30 minutes tempo run and  4 x 5 mins repeats. Weather was (and still is) perfect! 

The last picture below shows how I got carbs before the workout. It's a beautiful pasta dish with a delicious shrimp on the top which I had yesterday at lunch. The name of this traditional type of pasta is Tagliatelle: they (that name in Italian language is plural) can be served with a variety of sauces. Tagliatelle dish, which you can see in the picture, have been made with whole wheat flour, eggs and ... red wine. That's why their colour is red.

Nice weekend to all my blogger friends!


ajh said...

Hopefully the bugs in the bike plan get worked out because it is a great thing.

Char said...

We have a similar bike hire scheme in Brisbane and it's had a few teething problems too. I think the charge to hire the bikes is too high and this makes it not as well used as it could be. It's also law here that cyclists must wear helmets and even though there are sometimes helmets there to be used with the hire bikes, just as often there are not. So you can't ride the bike unless you bring your own - not many tourists travel with helmets.

Amy said...

We have similar bike schemes here in Belgium but I've never used it. We also have a car sharing scheme which works in the same way!

Pasta looks great!

Black Knight said...

I don't complain... because I have my own bike.
About the next race I have an idea...... Villa Pamphili oct. 6th.... does a bell ring?

Giorgio said...

To Stefano (Black knight): You have your own bike and don't complain ... this means that you can offer a huge contribution to the development and improvement of Civitavecchia bike scheme :)

Fran said...

Not sure if we have such a bike plan in Holland. My country is bike country, almost everyone has a bike here. But it could be there's something simular in the cities for the tourists, I don't know.

martin briars said...

when i opened your blog pag eand saw a picture of a bike i thought" Giorgio is turning to triathlon!!"....until i read . Great article - we have these bikes all over France and many cities (like Rouen) are closing the centre roads to cars - which is much better...but not enough. We need car-free DAYS, and BIKE-ONLY days.

all the best