Sunday, May 19, 2013

Race for the cure

Thousands of enthusiastic people  ran this Sunday the Race for the cure and could enjoy the wonderful landmarks and buildings located in the old neighborhoods of Rome.

Running around the Colosseum and past some Rome's monuments was exciting. But I also enjoyed the friendly atmosphere along the track. The organization was very efficient and a lot of people, who didn't run, were very supportive and enjoyed seeing the race: I have never seen such  beautiful people along the running path and next to the finish line. The weather was never too hot and never too cold: it was perfect. I was so happy to see some runners from France, Spain and other countries. As known, the main aim of the race was raising money for medical research.
Stefano and I enjoyed that 5 km race and reached our sub 5 min./km goal. I ran the race as tempo run training and crossed the finish line after 23:48 minutes. I was happy for that!  

The second picture here on the left shows the two black knights  close to the starting line.
It was the first time that I ran with a camera and took pictures while I was running. Some running friends of our world blogger community, such as Johann, inspired me to run with  a camera and this time I decided to run with my Nokia camera mobile phone. Unfortunately it rang while I was running the 3rd km past the Altar of the Fatherland (photo below). A colleague had to communicate some information (I saw his name on the mobile phone while it was ringing) but I had no choice but give him a quick answer. So, I quickly told him: "I am afraid I can't speak at the moment. I'll give you a call as soon as possible". After I had crossed the finish line I gave him a call. Next time I will run with a camera ... without mobile phone :)
The picture here on the right was taken while I was running past the Altar of Fatherland. As you can see, there were cobblestones along the track but it wasn't  dangerous. Have you never got a phone call while you were running a race? Nice week to everyone!


Char said...

I can honestly say that I've never had a phone call during a race. That's a bit funny - the image of you taking a call while running a pretty fast 5k.

ajh said...

I don't think I have gotten a phone call during a race. I don't usually take my phone in a race although I have some times. Good job!

Amy said...

Too funny you got a work call during a race! I once got a phone call during a training run, but never during a race. Nice pics, though, it was worth it!

Rís said...

Great time Giorgio - you are in good running form.

Black Knight said...

A perfect day: organization, weather, people and finishing times.
You can find the pics on the Podistica Solidarietà Web Site and the Rea's Facebook (professional photographer).

Fran said...

LOL I see you having that conversation during the run. I always have my phone with me, also for security reasons. It's on and if something should happen to me, the GPS can help to track me down. I have been called once during a run but didn't answer it. I never answer my phone when I'm busy with something else.

I would love to run in the city of Rome one day, it must be so special to race there.

Well done on the time!

Fran said...

I definitely will post the recipes from the Italian cook book on my blog. Start with a very simple one next week: spaghetti carbonara.

I love couscous, discovered it about two years ago. I like meals from all kinds of different kitchens.