Sunday, September 30, 2012

Awareness about water resources

Since last week I haven't been running as much as I should! I did on Monday 1 hour relaxing run and on wednesday 45 minutes tempo run instead of 4 x 6 minutes repeats. Yesterday I did 15km long run on my own. I'd like to go back to the pool and swim at least once a week because it might be a good stretching exercise.    
I was really delighted to read my  blogger friends' comments about  fast food: with regards to my last post, most friends wrote that if they were abroad they would want to try the local food.  For instance,  Christina explained that people go to fast food when there are lot of local restaurants to choose from. In my opinion typical restaurants are more beautiful and cheaper than fast food chains.
As I mentioned in my last post the weather is hot and humid here in Italy and I'm still compelled to drink a lot of water after running. I always change water's brand although the tap water is drinkable and the water bill is half the typical cable TV bill. People who live in developed countries still think that water is unlimited, while water bill in European countries is going to increase slightly. In the meanwhile, millions of people, who live in the third world countries, every day walk to get water.
People who live in developed world don't care about water resources.
The photo below shows a water pollution crime that I discovered last year. Unfortunately, the Italian Environmental Code contains only few specific penal provisions regarding activity dangerous and the environmental liability in case of  water and  soil contamination. What's missing is political will!
Do you usually drink tap water or bottled water?


Black Knight said...

La foto dell'acqua inquinata fa impressione. E' una vergogna che un Paese come il nostro se ne freghi completamente dell'ambiente nel quale viviamo.
Saggia scelta quella di nuotare ma ricordati sempre l'opzione della palestra per motivi di orario.
A mio parere meglio le tempo run che le ripetute: certo, con le seconde si migliora di molto ma sono noiose e si rischia di più perché si porta il fisico agli estremi.

Char said...

When I was growing up, water was free. We were able to use as much as we wanted and not have to pay. In the past ten years we've had to start paying and the the difference it's made to water usage has been incredible. You rarely see people using sprinklers to water their lawns any more. People have shorter showers (except for teenagers who still think that water is free) and a lot more people drive around in dirty cars.

Andrea Halnon said...

I drink both and I think it is about 50/50. We have a well so we are careful of our water. When we just had a spring we would run out in the fall. When you live in the country you don't get municipal water.

Christina said...

Can you explain about the water pollution in the picture? I'm not trained to see it and not sure how to spot it.

I drink filtered water either through the fridge at home, or the osmosis system at work or sometimes I bring a gallon jug to a water refilling station and fill it. I generally don't drink tap water unless it's for tea. We don't drink the bottled water which causes waste with the plastics.

Amy said...

Our city water is safe but has a lot of calcium deposits so we use a Britta filter jug for all the water for drinking, cooking and making coffee/tea.

Giorgio said...
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Giorgio said...
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Giorgio said...

To Christina: water pollution mentioned in the post was caused by ceramic factories. You can see the water of the river is white enough. In that case two pottery factories discharged waste water containing zinc, cadmium and plumb into a small river. I'll show you another photo as soon as possible.

Fran said...

I drink tap water because the water in Holland is very good. No need to buy expensive water bottles (the bottles aren't good for the environment either).

EmmyAnn Horstkamp said...

Water is a special interest to me so thank you for posting this. We are doing a fundraiser in Munich for global h20 next year. The organisation helps build wells for people in Africa so they can have clean drinking water.

We take for granted our ability to have fresh water. I'm lucky in Munich but I've lived in places where you really don't want to drink the water coming from the taps.

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