Sunday, September 16, 2012

8-week training schedule

I’ve took a little blogging break since September, 7th,  although I've been reading your blogs last week. This week was very busy for me. I've been dealing with environmental crimes as you can see in the photo. How can someone deteriorate a forest with dangerous waste?
I can say that I've just planned my next two races: they are, firstly, the Fiumicino Half Marathon on Novermber, 11st, and, secondly, the 10km Liberty Christmas run, which will be held here in my town on December, 16th. Consequently, since Wednesday, September, 12nd, I've been following a 8-week training schedule for running the half marathon above mentioned and I will be running  4 days a week (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays): repeats workout on Wednesdays,  long runs on Sundays and easy runs on Mondays and Fridays.
This Morning, Sunday, September,16th,  I did 14km long run at an average pace of 05:40 min./km.
Nice week to all my blogger friends!


Char said...

It's just awful to see what thoughtless, selfish people can do.

Training sounds like it's going really well. You should be well and truly ready for your half marathon.

ajh said...

Good luck with the training. Boo to who ever put all that garbage there.

Johann said...

We battle with pollution and crimes against nature here in South Africa. I get very upset sometimes with humans and how we destroy the world. All the best with your preparations for your races. Have a good week!

Viper said...

Thanks for stopping by Team BHI. Good luck with your race training. Sounds like some fun events.

Terrible about the environmental crimes. What's wrong with people?

Fran said...

I can never understand why people throw carbage at public places.

Especially the Christmas run in your town sounds like fun.

good luck with training but I'm sure you will do fine.

Black Knight said...

Anche le ripetute? La stai prendendo seriamente!
Quella gentaglia continua a distuggere l'ambiente, fanno schifo!

EmmyAnn Horstkamp said...

That is horrible that someone would dump all that waste in the forest. Good luck on the two races you're planning on running! I'm still training but not posting anything on the blog :-0

Kristin Alexander said...

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