Sunday, September 18, 2011

Marathon training, 23 km

View of Valmontone's park

On this sunny Sunday I ran 23 km long run related to Stefano's  marathon training and the average pace was about 05:50 min./km. The weather was hot enough and I had rehydration problems although we had drunk three times along the track. It isn't easy to drink enough water before the run at 07:00 a.m.!   
I got energy for that long run from a Turkish cake with walnuts and honey which  I had the night before :) We made this cake (It's name is Baklava) and you can see it in the photo below.

Baklava, Turkish recipe
The photo below was taken last Sunday, on September, 11st and it shows my daughters Laura and Simona with their friends on the Valmontone's roller coaster, which is situated 40 km South of Rome. Laura is the first from right with the black shirt and Simona is the first from right with the white shirt.

My daughters with their friends on the roller coaster
 They're 14 and today, September, 18th is their birthday. I'm happy for that!


Ewa said...

You make me crave sweets! That baclava looks very sinful. I think I will move to Italy and train with you guys. :)
I never liked roller coasters.

Wish hour daughters Happy Birthday from me!

Char said...

23k is a good solid run and it justifies a couple of pieces of that delicious-looking baklava. Running justifies lots of stuff.

Anne said...

That looks so delicious...perfect pre-run fuelling :)
Happy Birthday to your daughters...they are brave!

ajh said...

That looks like a serious roller coaster!

Fran said...

Funny: 23k is what I ran the in the entire week last week :)

I don't like baklava, way to sweet for me but a great pre run food.

Emmy Ann Horstkamp said...

Your so fast! I would love to have that as a pre-run energy booster...are you going to share the recipe? It is fun to watch children growing older :-)

Black Knight said...

Happy birthday to the daughters!
23 km .... e non finisce qui!

Amy said...

Baklava - YUM!!!
Definitely excellent fuel for running 23 km!

Darlene said...

You did great!! I ran a Half on Sept 25 but since I wasn't trained, I walked the 2nd half. My next one is Nov 6 - can I have a tee-shirt if I PR - only kidding! I now craving Baklava & I hate roller coasters.