Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hilly race around Capalbio (South Tuscany)

Last Sunday I ran a hilly race in South Tuscany through the Capalbio’s valley. The race started at 06:00 p.m. from the hystorical centre of that small town and I ran the first three kilometers down hill along a slippery road. I was afraid I could slide! From the 4th to the 7th kilometer I ran past old farms and along vineyards and olive trees until I came back by 4 kilometers up hill. That scenery was really beautiful but while I was running the last three kilometers up hill I didn’t enjoy that landscape around me. I felt tired enough and I needed concetration. I crossed the finish line after 53 mins and 44 seconds (the  track was odd: 11.350 kilometers!!!) and my average pace was 4.44 min/km. I was happy with my pace considering the tough up hill and … the slippery down hill :)

There were two refreshment points along the track and after the race runners had tea, orange juice and red watermelon, which was really useful for rehydratation. You can see it in the photo below.

Before I ran the race I had walked across the old side of Capalbio where I took photos. There were a lot of English and Dutch tourists. 
Yesterday morning I was delighted to receive an e-mail from Molly, a blogger friend, who is coming to Italy from September, 25th to October, 5th, 2011 and she would love to run a race during her visit. She looked for a race through the link on my blog ("Next races in Italy") but it is written in Italian. So she asked me some information. I advised her three races (two in Rome and one in South Tuscany) which will be held on October, 2nd.
Next Friday, July, 29th, I am running a race in the dark through another old Tuscanian town. That race starts at 08:30 pm. (the link of its website is here below).

Beautiful runs to all my blogger friends!


ajh said...

That race sounds beautiful but not so great for the ending. What made it so slippery? Had it rained? I love watermelon in or after a race too.
Will you get to meet Molly?

Giorgio said...

Yes, we'll probably run the same race on October, 2nd.

There was gravel which made slippery the 2nd kilometer of the running path down hill.

Char said...

Gravel on a down-hill is not a great idea. But you managed a great over-all pace. Well done.

Amy said...

I love the idea of watermelon after a hot race!
And, another blogger meet up - that is very cool!

Fran said...

So cool that you have a blogger meet. I've met Amy this weekend and it was so much fun.

I love this race for it's beauty but I would have preferred going up the hill at the beginning but my guess is you would too.

I think you had a great time.

Black Knight said...

Purtroppo ormai la Maratona di Capri è stata disputata. Però potresti consigliare alla tua amica blogger queste 3 gare dove io ho stabilito i miei record:
la 10 km della Fiumaretta;
la maratona di La Bianca;
la mezza dei Salesiani
e se è proprio allenata potrebbe correre la 100 km di Campo dell'Oro.
Fammi sapere perchè vorrei migliorarmi ancora sulle rispettive distanze.

Johann said...

That looks like a very pleasant race. I love watermelon after a hot run. You did well Giorgio! You are so lucky to be meeting Molly, wonderful!

Julie said...

Hi Giorgio,
How is my Italian blogger friend doing? It has been so long since I have posted. Life has been a little stressful but I wanted to check in with you. It looks like you had another great race. I love the beautiful pictures! Makes me want to hop on a plane and visit you:) Take care Giorgio! I have missed you!

Christina said...

I'm jealous of Molly. One day I'll be out there to run a race with you and the Black Knight.