Saturday, July 09, 2011

5 km race on the night

This morning after I had read last Johann's  post about Africa's big five (Elephant, Rhino, Lion, Leopard and Buffalo) I met two couples from South Africa. They were visiting Mediterranean countries and travelling by a cruise ship with other South African people. They were looking for the beach and asked me some information. Moreover, they were trying to change their currencies and I helped them. So I discovered that the big five, which Johann showed in his post on July, 8th, are on South Africa's currency.
Today is independence day for the Republic of Southern Sudan. They celebrates Independence from North Sudan. This is a country that should have golden prospects related to its agricultural resources, large oil reserves, gold, and other minerals. There is a relatively small population too. Best whishes to the 54th State of Africa!

Yesterday I ran a nice 5 km race on the night through the old part of Orbetello (Tuscany). The atmosphere was really nice and during the race I felt good. I was delighted with my average pace which was 4.15 min/km. But the track was easy enough and completely flat. Stefano ( Black Knight ) enjoyed that race although he decided to run it as training. I'll post some photos as soon as possible.

Next Saturday I'm running a 10 km race in the night  near my town.
Nice weekend to all my blogger friends!


Char said...

Well done on your race. You kept a very speedy pace.

Interesting about the South African currency but I guess Australia does that on our coins. Maybe all countries like to show off their unique and interesting features.

Ewa said...

Hopefully splitting Sudan into two countries will mean peace in that region.

Your races take you to really beautiful places but then again Italy is just beautiful.

Have a great Sunday.

ajh said...

It must be cooler running in the night but you miss the scenery.

Fran said...

Very good time Giorgio, congrats!

What a coincidence you met these SA people after reading about the big five :)

Black Knight said...

Glad to know that now you are a touristic guide too! But did they ask to you because they know that you are a proud member of the Black Knight Army? You could leave them our insolent squire (for free).
Yogi made me laugh when commented my post writing that he finished the Orbetello Midnight Marathon under the 3h 30'!!!!!

Johann said...

What a pleasant surprise to see our currency on your blog!:) That is interesting that you should meet people from SA in your country. The world is not that big at all. I'm glad you enjoyed the race at night. I always enjoy night races. Have a great week!

Amy said...

Which just makes you realize it's a small world after all!
Hope you are enjoying your night time races!