Saturday, May 23, 2009

Civitavecchia's landscape

In theese days local politics of Civitavecchia, where I've lived with my family since 1991, are trying to attach importance to the surronding landscape. I posted an image which gives a picture of the territory above mentioned. It is now in a wild state. Local politics suddenly think it may be used for biking, running, riding, trips to the mountains, archaeological tours (there are some Etrurian ruins), etc. It's a great idea. Fortunately they don't try to build something or detroy this beautyful landspape.

Nowadays, economists and ecologists say that landscapes, which are a part of global environment, are considered as commodities, goods and rights. We have to shrink the environmental impacts of urban areas. Although global environmental problems are typically considered part of national and international decision-making, it is now much more important to consider the environmental impacts of urban areas, because a rapidly growing proportion of the world's population lives in cities.

This week I've found a terrible environmental crime in my town and there's a personal liability too. I've posted the following image of this environmental offence which consist in water pollution. But I think that our European legal system concerning criminal sanctions linked to environmental offences is not certain and dissuasive. I hope politics will decide to develop environmental law to protect the equilibrium of natural system and human health.


strewth said...

The first photo is my favourite - Civitavecchia has some very beautiful countryside.

Black Knight said...

I think that the Black Knight Army must start a war to defend our environment. Too many criminals waste our city and our country.
Don't piss off the Black Knight!