Saturday, May 30, 2009

Distruction of gardens and old houses

After the distruction of eucalyptus trees, which Stefano posted on his blog the 29th of May 2009, our town is going to suffer another damage. Civitavecchia's people are dealing with a new problem because local politics want to built some horrible blocks of flats on a small green area. There are some old nice houses and a lot of gardens with lemon trees in this small urban area which is situated in the middle part of the town. Politics, who are plannig to destroy this part of the town, aren't interested to sustainable development of urban environment.

In this area of the town there are some very nice and old houses which were built in 1920s. Their architectural style clashes with new big buildings. Moreover, If we build new big blocks of flats, the people in this small part of the town will increase and parking places and other public utilities will be the same.

If Civitavecchia's people don't appeal against the major's measure this small part of the town, which is called "La Nona", will be destroyed. A lot of local free associations have already appealed against the major's measure.


Black Knight said...

It's a shame we must not surrender, this is a worthy battle to fight. I hope that you will receive many comments to show to or Major

strewth said...

Yes indeed, that is sad to spoil your beautiful city and all that history. I am now at Brisbane airport waiting for the flight to Los Angeles which leaves in an hour. CJ (Cathy) is recovering from injury at the moment but will return to running soon. She is swimming, walking and going to the gym to keep up her fitness. Her hubby Steve is good - all is well. She is also studying in the evenings so does not have much time to keep her blog updated!