Friday, February 10, 2006

running on soft roads

I sometimes think to run on soft track. More and more runners have decided to run in country roads or natural parks because they don't like running on hard asphalt roads.
Yesterday I decided to run outside the town near a small river with thick mediterranean woods (1 hour and 5 minutes). I don't like running on my own but I enjoyed last training because the valley is beautifull and the country road is soft. Then the distance follows the course of the small river, consequently it's a level road and there aren't hard up hills. Maybe, running on soft roads will do backbone good. Naturally we can't run there when weather is rainy.
In the two pictures you can see the small river surronding the town in the northern part and the final rush of the last Civitavecchia halt-marathon (I'm number 1125). An image of the 3 comuni half marathon is here:


IHateToast said...

I was going to blow off this morning's run. It's damp and has rained. Not that I usually care, but I'm nursing blisters... didn't want more. But now your post has made me decide to run, but NOT on the pedestrian/bike trail... no no no, I'll run to Seven Hills reserve and take advantage of the soft earth. And I'll go with out a plan except to just run enough and run on earth... and with some coins so I can have an ice cream (always a bonus). Thanks for that!
And thanks for the photo that shows women do run in Italy. We (ilike and iHate) know they do. We met a woman who writes for an Italian runners magazine, but until you posted that photo, I thought she was just pulling our leg.

....and put a bow on the donkey... it's a nice accent to the gift.

giorgio said...

Luckily you can run in a natural reserve. I think it's an uncontaminated wood. Can you show an image of Seven Hill Reserve?

Thanks, I'm taking your advice concerning the bow on the gift. My friend will be happy: he always said he loves animals.

Black Knight said...

I love animals, also the dog we usually meet during our incursions into the enemy territory. Enjoy your natural park and come back soon to the Black Kingdom!

IHateToast said...

seven hills is very small. and there are a lot of hills between our house and the reserve. i did well as i was feeling chipper. and i did really well to concentrate on sir giorgio's soft earth comments.

and now i'm working up a sweat at home as iliketoast is gone, i'm cleaning up to various versions of the russian folk song, Kalinka. i can tell you it's unwise to use the cord to the vacuum cleaner as a jump rope especially if you're jumping on wet floors.

*jeanne* said...

The soft road run sounds beautiful!

Just keep your face out of the turf! I say that because I did a trail run about a year and a half ago - I wanted the soft trail beneath my feet, and the no-frills less expensive race fee than another race that was happening that day (but it had funny t-shirts). Anyway, I tripped and went down. Hard landing on my face. Six stitches. Ouch. So much for the lower race fee. The emergency room fees swallowed up those savings!

But - I FINISHED the race. (I had to. It was a trail race in the woods. The only way I could find my way out was to keep following the orange trail-marker flags! LOL!)