Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Smart phones may be bad for our mental health

I've learnt a new word English word though the web. The word I've just found is "phubber", which is a combination of "phone" and "snubber". People use the word "phubber" when they are talking about people who ignore real people around them, because they are concentrating on their mobile phones. They move their heads slowly downwards looking at their smart phone. 
It seems that when we are involved in our phone, we don't know time passing. If we were to check our smart phone compulsively, we wouldn't really control it, and we wold feel we have to do it again and again.
Most psychologists think that smart phone probably leads to an increasing mental problem for teenagers. This mean they have phisical and mental need to keep on mobile phone. In other words, they feel they are addicted to smart phone. There are people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol, and peple who can be addicted to other things, like mobile phones.
In addition, studies have shown that spending too much time on our smart phone is bad for our focus and mental health. 
Although smart phone is a useful way to keep in touch with people, we should incourage people to comunicate in person. 

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